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What We Photograph: Business  Headshots, Senior Portraits, Family and Weddings in San Antonio Texas.

Photographers in San Antonio come and go. We have been photographing our clients and they keep returning and continue to send us referrals. Give us a call today to discuss your need for portraits.

vanf004712We have a great portrait garden with flowering plants, an indoor professional portrait studio for formal graduation portraits and business corporate functions headshots or we can go on location to an area in and around San Antonio for family photography.

Our portrait work consists of natural lighting for family photography and children’s portraits, high school senior, college and high schools in the San Antonio area. We travel to Boerne, Comfort, Fredericksburg and other towns in the Texas hill country.

We enjoy working with our customers. We discuss many topics to make their session successful. The one thing that you should get right is the proper clothing. Make sure you and all of your family members will match and not clash with each other.

If you have a pet feel free to bring them along. It’s wise to photograph the group first so everybody is not focused on the pet in case it’s acting unruly and acting up. Be sure you have your hair and makeup the way you want it. The location of your photo session is important. If there are any fees to enter then all involved should be aware ahead of time.

The time of day plays a big factor. A bright sunny day is not as appealing as you might think for outdoor senior portraits. Partly cloudy to cloudy days make good pictures since there is not any harsh sunlight to deal with. Nobody looks good with their eyes squinting.

  • Family portraits happen quite often. There are a number of family occasions to call out the local photographer. One occasion is there are certain members of the family home from the military. Another occasion is the family reunion which can be everyone getting together every year or every two years. Family photography sessions are typically taken at the home or at a location large enough to comfortably hold 8 – 10 people. Family members usually consist of grandparents, parents, children, babies and possibly the pet dog.


  • Business photos is another aspect of our business. Executives, business owners and other corporations often need a professional portrait often called a headshot. These headshots are normally taken from the head and shoulders. Award ceremonies, corporate functions and additional executive functions often call a photographer to take pictures at their function gatherings


  • Wedding photography is also popular in the photo world. The engagement of two people in love leads to marriage. This where a wedding photographer is called in to capture the exciting and tender moments of a wedding. Usually an engagement portrait session is set-up so the to-be bride and groom can have memories from their session to send out to friends and relatives. The photographer usually has ideas on where to go on location or this type of portrait can be done in a studio setting.


  • Boudoir is a term known as behind the bedroom door. The wife, woman or lady takes her special evening or private evening wear to model. These types of sessions sometimes make a woman nervous. The photographer has to be very gentle when dealing with the ladies. It’s best to visit a studio that has a husband and wife team so there is always another female present. Boudoir photography makes a nice gift idea for almost any occasion,


  • Graduation is a time when a photographer is needed. Picture studios offer or supply a cap and gown for the portrait session. Another term  a graduate goes by is a senior. The student is usually in the 12th grade which is the highest grade level in high school. These pics are commonly referred to as senior portraits.


  • Pet Photography – Contact us about pictures with your pet. Dogs, cats, horses are our beloved pets.


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