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What kind of Photography do we do?

Our services include real estate photography for home MLS listings, home builders and commercial buildings for real estate agents and brokers.  We have been photographing our clients and they keep returning and continue to send us referrals. Give us a call today to discuss your need for headshot portraits. We at Richard’s Photography can say that we do have an actual portrait studio in North San Antonio Tx.

Providing professional photography for San Antonio executives, employees, actors, models, real estate agents and other professions. People use fresh images for updates to the company website, advertisement, promotion plus images for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other social media websites. We also photograph company events, awards and award ceremonies, business related functions and group images of small to large companies.

What type of lighting do we use?

Some of our other work consists of natural light in outdoor environments to studio lighting set-ups where the use of directional and fill lighting are used to create dramatic and creative effect. Because ratios between two lights take a certain amount of skill and expertise. Since being able to see where light is falling is an art it is hard to explain to people. We use an octagonal soft box for the main light and a 32 inch umbrella is for fill in.

What type of photography do you like?

We enjoy family photography, high school senior portraits, graduation and college portraits. Therefore, our forte is working in the studio. It’s more creative to us. We do go on location at times to photograph families. Local parks is the likely choice since bigger families need a little more room to work with.

We enjoy working with our customers. We discuss many topics to make their photo session successful. The one thing that you should get right is the proper clothing. We help make sure you and all of your family members match with their clothing choices and not clash with each other.

If you would like to call us and talk about the type of photography you’re looking for then feel free to do so.

We are personable and friendly. We eager to please our customers.

Our studio hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30 in the morning until 7:30 in the evening.


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