Here are 3 tips for taking your high school senior portraits:

Your senior portraits should be full of memories. From going out with Mom and and Dad to pick out some new outfits to getting your hair done at a local salon.

marg-0014_lowNumber 1. Do a little research for photographers that take senior portraits. You will want to do an overall search then you may want to nail your choice down to photographers near you or someone that a friend or family member has had experience with. It’s important that you hire someone that will provide the images you have in your head or have in mind. Not all portrait photographers know how to work with high school seniors and it would be a shame to spend all that time during your portrait session with someone that takes pet portraits and nothing else.

Tip Number 2. If you are wanting some of your portraits to be in cap and gown then you must relay that information to the photographer. Most portrait studios have cap and gowns with tassel but one can never assume. Most high schools have various color combinations. Please be certain by finding out from the high school office or campus administrator so there are no surprises the day of your portrait.

Tip Number 3. There are many emotions that can go one way or the other on your portrait day. Things can affect your mood add school or at home with parents or possibly friends. You have a choice for that day. You can choose to let the things from the day get you down and possibly reschedule for another day. Or, you can put all your worries behind you for a few hours while you have your portrait session. It’s not a common occurrence for this to happen but it has happened in the past. It’s up to you to choose what makes you comfortable.

Photography article written by Richard Rives of Richard’s Photography in San Antonio Texas.