Senior Portrait – Girl in Black and White Photo

This is the type of senior portrait photography a lot of people want to see. A formal black and white of their daughter hanging in the middle of a room in their home. We love to create arts of works like this one for our senior portrait customers. You would love to have something like this for yourself.  You know I’m right!

black and white senior portrait san antonio tx photographer

This how we took this photograph. You do want to know how, right?

We talked to this young lady for a while to see what her interests were. We asked what type of music she listened to and found something she liked on Pandora. She was relaxed, the mood was set, she was ready for her senior portrait session to start. She was like putty in our hands. Well, kind of. You know what I mean.

We then sat her on top of an old trunk where we used to store some items to get them out of the way. We positioned her so she was comfortable. I had her just lay her hands in her lap so she looked relaxed. I wasn’t out to get that real pop image just yet. I was just getting started. I didn’t want to rush things. I was waiting for the right moment and knew what it would be when it showed itself.

We took a few shots of her and then paused so she could see how things were progressing. She was starting to get excited. We then recomposed her shoulders and back to get a certain look I was after. I could see it my head but was working my way to getting it just right.

Finally it happened! She had this expression in her face. I interpreted  as “Are you almost done?” kind of expression. I ignored her and continued to take a few more shots of her. Then it was time to stop I felt it was time to stop and figured the girl had enough and was ready to complete her photo session. We agreed and she left to the restroom to change back into her regular clothes.

What happened next was truly amazing. We came to the computer where we show our clients their images. We looked one-by-one with her writing down which of the images caught her attention the most. She had a list and we looked it over. I then asked her, “do you remember that pose you did where you looked kind of impatient”? She says, “yeah I remember”.  I told her that we should open that image and study it. She was ok with that. I went in and adjusted the contrast and colors, got her skin tone just right then smoothed her face a little and removed a couple of stray hairs that I noticed.

NOW, came the surprise. I said to her and her mother. Watch this!  I turned it to black and white and increased the contrast. All I heard was a huge gasp and a big wow from both of them. That image looked absolutely stunning in black and white. They couldn’t believe what a different story that expression was now saying. It was a whole different story being in black and white. It had the appearance of a museum painting.

Would you like your senior portrait to look like a museum painting? Would you like your portrait to have class and personality? Yes, we thought you might. This is what we do best. We go above and beyond to create senior photos that will make you gasp and say “WOW”!

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