Actor Portraits San Antonio Texas Photographer

It’s Time to Find an Acting Studio Photographer


Who can benefit from acting head shots?  What age groups are included? Is it just kids or can adults still apply for an acting portfolio?

  1. Children 6 – 10 Years Old
  2. Kids 5 – 17 Years Old
  3. Boys 4 – 13 Yrs Old
  4. Girls 4 – 14 Years
  5. Young Adults 17 – 25 Years Old
  6. Men and Women 21- 50 Years Old
  7. Basically anyone wanting acting portfolio images



Are you an aspiring actor trying to get in  the business of acting? That’s great. The TV and stage arena is always looking for up and coming talent for the industry. What you’ll need to do first is visit a professional photographer to get some head photos done. A talent scout or agent will want to see your face and have an idea where you could possibly fit in. You could possibly be a sensational hit even with just some type of talent agent seeing your face without even meeting you.

Professional Acting Photos

We are a portrait studio with experience in providing creative actor portrait photography for acting and actors who need a fresh portfolio.  Being a San Antonio photography company specialize in portraits and actor photos. Get with us and let us know your needs and wants. We’ll work hard to get you that look for your acting career. Our outdoor headshots for acting are unique. We have a special technique we use to create the cinematic look. This where the background goes very blurred out so that the subject is in perfect focus creating an almost 3D appearance. This is just one technique that we use. We can do a variety of different tricks to make you look your best. Every image we take is intended to look different. A different tilt of the head, a slight turn, a slightly upward turn of the jaw. There’s more to it than just pointing the camera and saying”‘smile for the camera”.   Contact the studio.

Our intention is to learn the personalities of each client that comes to us. We need to know you before we can attempt to try and start shooting. Once we know each other the rapport has been established and we start the photo session. We’ll take enough photos but not so many that you’ll be frustrated and tired. When we’re done we’ll sit down at the computer so you can see your image. Of course we’ll show you a couple here and there while we’re shooting.  You can find us on Our Google Plus Website.