Boudoir or Lingerie Photography

Lingerie OutfitWhat exactly is boudoir photography? Is it the same as boudoir photography? Well, basically it is. Boudoir is French for “behind the bedroom door”. Lingerie is what women wear in the evening. Some of the lingerie outfits are see through and others are lacy which leaves somewhat to the imagination.

A lot of women these days are turning to professional photographers to have them take private photos of them in their skimpy outfits. Some ladies go as far as wanting some of their images in the nude. That’s ok with us as long as they are done in a respectful and tasteful manner.

Get to know the photographer first! Not knowing where you are going and only corresponding by text or email is not a good thing. It’s not the best way to find a photographer for what you need.

Patty and I are a husband and wife photography team.  Neither one of us are out of each other’s sight when we do this type of photography. We want our female clientele to feel safe and secure. When you arrive we sit down and talk, get to know each other before anything else happens.

  1. We do not offer or serve alcohol or wine.
  2. We do not offer any aspirin or any other medication. 
  3. We ask that you arrive sober to your appointment.

If you live in San Antonio or the Texas area and you’re interested in having a boudoir portrait session, please give us a call for a consultation. It’s wise to talk to the photographer to get a sense and feel of their personality.

More Lingerie Photography Samples can be seen on our website.