We Are Not a Volume Studio – Only One Client at a Time!

Corona Virus and Covid 19 Update at Richard’s Photography

Please bring your mask with You. We wear our masks at all times for your protection.

Hand Sanitizer is Available Here at Our Studio.


We Take your temperature before entering our studio – Contactless

We take our own temperature every couple of hours

So far so good here at Richard’s Photography! We are confident things will be ok for you and in the world of photography.

Keep Making Photography Appointments! This too shall pass. We are Americans, You’ve Got This! We’ve Got This! It’s all About Common Sense!

Here at Richard’s Photography we have taken a proactive approach to this virus situation. We have plenty of hand sanitizer for our customers. When customers come to our location we automatically meet them outside and offer a hand wipe so they can clean their hands before entering our studio. It is our goal to keep our customers safe and protected as well ourselves. It’s quite an unusual situation this crazy virus has started. We have not given into hoarding anything from the stores. We only buy what we need. Toilet paper won’t prevent the coronavirus anyway!  LOL

Scheduling a Photography Session Despite the Novel Coronavirus Scare

As business people and as your regular everyday human being we are still taking photography appointments as most photographers are doing as well. Call us and tell us what you need. We’ll set-up a game plan so everyone feels safe. We just need to go about in a different way. This would include just greeting each other instead the usual handshake. As a photography customer you need to do what makes you feel comfortable and secure. We are not concerned with getting sick but as the same time we do consider every situation where there is contact with the customer.

After handling our cell phones in public we wipe them down with a hand sanitizer. Germs love cell phones and who know how long they can live on the surface of a phone. Door knobs and door jams are wiped down. Even our cameras are wiped down even though it’s just the photographer handling them. You never know if a germ can be transferred to the camera. More than likely it wouldn’t happen. We have increased our daily dosage of vitamins. Garlic is a great immune booster. We are not doctors so we can’t make suggestions on what works and what doesn’t. These are just simple ideas on how to avoid getting the coronavirus bug.


Stay safe everyone! Keep a positive attitude. Don’t let this thing steal your peace and joy. We will get through this.

We are here for you whether you need us now or later in the future.


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