Do Most San Antonio Photographers Use High End Digital Cameras For Professional Family Portraits?

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Photographers are constantly asked what makes a good digital camera, and this can sometimes be confusing for people interested in photography. After all, there are so many different models of digital cameras – from basic digital digital cameras, into extremely powerful DSLR cameras, to even ultra high end digital cameras with high megapixel count digital sensors. This information can be overwhelming to some people looking to take a photo at a party, to get the right shot when there is only one person there, or to snap a candid photo when there are multiple people present with different needs.

In this post, I want to talk about different types of camera to consider for the perfect family portrait. These are a few pros and cons to consider when purchasing your first camera.

The Most Common Type of Digital Camera For Family Portraits

It may seem like the best choice based on the way the camera is set up, but a lot of people feel the need to get creative when setting up or using a new camera. So much so, I suggest that there are pros and cons to this approach. What I am going to cover in this post is how I have gotten great results using this popular type of camera. In the next two posts, we will take a dive into my experience using all six different types of camera and try to.

It doesn’t matter if you use a Sony Alpha or another pro-quality camera. If you don’t have a lens and a fast lens to go with a fast camera like a Leica M or Leica M5 or even a Leica M2 or M8, it’s going to be tricky to get a steady shot on a camera like a Leica M. If you can’t keep up with this, you will have no clue why the shot turned out so badly!

My favorite shots of my father at various ages, which were taken with his new 7D when I was about 7 and in my mid to late 20s. I usually keep this shot on the phone and keep the angle close to the sun, but it was still a great shot at that age and I always tried to capture that angle to show exactly him in light of his age.

If you are shooting in landscape and/or sports, or maybe you live in an apartment that doesn’t overlook cityscapes, be aware you’re getting your feet wet in terms of shooting at those distances and the different lighting conditions. I’m often shooting at night in many of my shots with the camera but I’ll generally choose high end cameras like the 8D and M4 to capture the day.


Many photographers who are not professional photographers use many digital cameras for professional photo shoots. One of the most popular brands of digital cameras are Canon models 5D3, 5D Mark III, and 5D Mark IV. These cameras have quite a bit more features than you would find in many DSLR cameras such as video capabilities, wireless connectivity, remote shooting functions, manual exposure control, and lots of other features.

The Canon 5D3 and 5D Mark IV cameras are the only ones that do allow unlimited recording and playback of videos to all of your external media. When purchasing a camera, be prepared with a great budget.

Some of the features of Canon cameras:

Video recording

Video is handled with either the Canon AE-1 or Canon EF-S series models. You can also choose from the Canon EOS Rebel T6i or the Canon EOS 5D Mark II but video quality is pretty darn good. When shooting video with the Canon DNG and HD films, you will want to bring at least a 30 fps continuous recording rate. For more videos see “5D Cameras for Professional Sports Photography.”