We captured this dramatic expression moment at the bride’s wedding. We swept her away and got some private images of her and her groom while wedding party and family members were preparing for the wedding. This wedding photo was taken on the stairway that leads down to the river walk by Arneson Theater. We then continued a series of images of the bride by herself. The petticoat of her wedding dress was a multi-color and very festive looking. Photography was by San Antonio wedding photographers Richard and Patty of Richard’s Photography.

bride portrait san antonio wedding




This image was taken in natural light. It was too pretty to use flash and take the chance of washing out the details of her wedding dress. We like to capture as many photos as possible without the use of too much flash. Sometimes flash can wash out some detail in the image. If done correctly fill-flash can be used so you can’t tell the subject has been hit with flash. Most brides never notice or are told that the details of her dress are no longer present because of over-exposure from the flash. We do our best to not do that and provide a superb image for the bride. As a wedding photographer there are many lighting conditions we must watch out for. Our responsibility is also to be aware of harsh lighting and move to another area of the wedding location if all possible.