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We specialize in providing professional headshots that meet the specific requirements of the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS). Ready to make a strong impression on your residency application? Book Your ERAS Photoshoot Today!

Empowering San Antonio’s Professionals

In the competitive landscape of San Antonio, a professional headshot is more than just a photo – it’s your personal brand.

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With Richard’s Photography, you’re not just getting a picture, you’re investing in a portrayal of your professional identity. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that your headshot will leave a lasting impression, helping you stand out and succeed in your professional endeavors.

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Our 3 step approach to photography



We start by understanding your needs and expectations. This helps us plan the photoshoot around your unique personality and professional goals.



Our expert photographer will guide you through the photoshoot, ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. We use professional lighting and camera equipment to capture high-quality images.



After the photoshoot, we carefully select and professionally retouch the best images. This involves enhancing colors, adjusting lighting, and removing any imperfections to ensure you look your best.


With years of experience in the field, we have the skills and knowledge to capture the best possible images. We know how to make our clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera, resulting in natural and authentic photos.

We offer competitive rates and various packages to suit different budgets and needs. Plus, with us, you’re not just getting a photo – you’re investing in a tool that can help enhance your personal brand and professional image.

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How Medical Students Need Professional Photos For ERAS Applications


For medical students applying to residency programs through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS), professional photos are essential components of their application. Residency program directors use these photos to put a face to the applicant’s credentials, making a strong first impression crucial. Professional photos convey professionalism, confidence, and attention to detail, traits highly valued in the medical field.

A high-quality headshot can also help medical students stand out among their peers and make a memorable impression on residency program directors. Additionally, professional photos create a positive image of the applicant, instilling confidence in their abilities and dedication to their profession.

Furthermore, professional photos for ERAS applications should adhere to specific guidelines regarding attire, background, and image quality. By investing in professional photography, medical students can ensure that their photos meet these requirements and present themselves in the best possible light. Ultimately, professional photos play a vital role in helping medical students make a strong impression and increase their chances of securing residency positions in their desired programs.