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family portrait prices san antonio

San Antonio Photographers Family Portraits

Families in San Antonio looking for professional family portrait photographers. What are the specific needs and occasions for a family photographer?

 You can always give the gift of a family portrait session to a family member. You can never go wrong with a fresh family photo to hang in the living room. Contact us for family photography rates in the San Antonio area.  Gift certificates are the perfect present for any family photo session. Read family photo reviews


Christmas Family Portrait Photographer Sessions

The holiday season is here. Families are gathering gifts to give for Christmas and other occasions. Are you ready to get the entire family together for a family portrait occasion? Christmas is the perfect time of year for getting families and close friends together to have professional family portraits taken for the holiday season. Time to give a gift card or gift certificate as a Christmas stocking stuffer. Mother and Child also know as mommy and me make wonderful photos for anytime or special gifts.

Outdoor Family Photography on Location in San Antonio

  • We have a small studio space that fits 1 – 2 people. We could try and fit more people in but it would be cramped and crowded. There would be no room to work and it would be very restricting as to what we could do. Your session would be over in 2 minutes.
  • Going on location gives the freedom and space to move around. We would be able to use creative lighting and set up for different angles that would be very creative. The scenery for location family photography can be different in every shot taken. The Pearl on the Riverwalk is another amazing place for family portraits. Many people go to the pearl brewery to take their family portraits.

Why Outdoor Family Photos Have More Punch

  • With the ability to change camera settings for any given scenario we can make your family pictures look 3 dimensional.
  • Our fast shutter speed on the camera can give the appearance of being indoor but with an outdoor scene


Why Children Photograph So Well Outdoors

  • Children are often intimidated by a new place, new smell, new environment. They are out of their comfort zone. Being in a studio with lights in their face and people watching can be intimidating.
  • Children’s portraits work well outside. They don’t feel enclosed. They are already used to playing outside and being outside. So why not dress them up and do some creative kids photography.
  • At our portrait studio we have a giant garden area where we photograph kids and children. In the spring time we have 1000s of wildflowers where they can pose for the camera and be themselves. What photographers charge for family pictures


Dress Your Children Properly For Amazing Portraits

  1. For that little daughter, get her the nicest dress or dresses you can find. Get something colorful. You’ll be amazed at how color can make your child stand out even more.
  2. If you a boy get him something interesting to wear. No t-shirts please. This doesn’t look good in family pictures.
  3. Get a couple of outfits for your boy or son that will set him apart from others child portraits you’ve seen. You don’t want to carbon copy something else you’ve already seen done before by other photographers.

Family Photographers Professional in San Antonio Texas


Tips on Getting Ready for Your Family Portraits

  • This tip is the most important tip. Be sure you take the time to color coordinate your clothing! Can’t stress this one enough.
  • Your choice of clothing can make, break or turn your family photo session into disaster. Wear the same patterns and colors and you will be perfect.
  • Hair and hair styles. Is your hair the way you like it? If not get your hair done.  Go to your stylist. Hair gone crazy or out of shape, this is not something we can fix in Photoshop.
  • If you have pets be sure you are able to control them. A pet out of control can be a major distraction. Everybody is looking at what the family pet is doing not looking at the photographer. This is not good and can turn very stressful. Make sure your pet is a calm and loving and not hyper.
  • Decide ahead of time exactly where you want your family photos taken. Last minute decisions on a location can lead to confusion. Nail it down, exactly where you want to be photographed.

A family picture Photographer session is when family members get together it’s either for a family reunion where members come from all over the State, Country or from outside the Country. Other gatherings are for when a member of the family is being honored or awarded for an accomplishment. There are all kinds of reason to bond with family members even if it’s just to catch up on what’s happening in each others lives. Really there doesn’t have to be a reason.

Possibly you just needed an updated family photo for the den or living room wall. We can provide beautiful images of your entire generations. Our usual plan is to photograph individuals, individuals with their respective family then the entire family as a whole. Hopefully grandma and grandpa will be there too to be included in the portraits. There are numerous possibilities when photographing a family. There are several areas to go on location, different ways to dress for the occasion plus different ways to pose groups. Family portraits also don’t have to uniformed. You don’t always have to settle for everyone standing in a straight line. You can pose different people in little groups. This makes things more interesting. Read about taking professional head shot photos.

Family photography all takes some planning therefore you may contact us and tell us what you’re planning and we will try to work with your ideas and possibly throw some ideas your way as well. We have been in the business so long that we usually get involved in clothing choices (at least give our opinions) on what to wear and what color combinations looks best. Where to go, what places are there that will hold all of our group?  We have some ideas that we can share. We need to know exactly how many people will be included.

Are you wanting us to separate the different people from the select family groupings and photograph them separately? Yes, we can do that for you. It’s part of what we do when you hire us. We take notes on who’s who and the make suggestions on which persons to include together in a particular photograph. We told you, we’ve done this for quite a while and have it down. This is the reason you hire a professional. We have all of this information and suggestions in our heads.  Knowing all of this ahead of time is usually an indicator that the session can and will be successful and enjoyable. It could all go off with out any kinks if it’s all planned out ahead of time. Now, do you think you’re ready to give us the honor of taking care of your family photography needs? See our senior pictures for high school kids.



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