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Our Funeral Photography Services: We are sorry for your loss. It’s obviously a rough time for you at this moment

We have a special and sensitive photography service for funerals and memorial services.

We have photographed several funerals and memorials but we choose not to post them on our website.

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Funeral Photography

Of course we’re not going to post private images of your most intimate time. When we do funeral photography we stay out of the way and capture from a distance. If you’re wanting us to go to the memorial service, wake, funeral, funeral homes, cemetery or all places, we can accommodate you. Let us know what you need.

This is also a time when all family members are together and start thinking about getting together for family portraits while everyone is together.

Call us if you’re in need of a photographer who will capture your day. Your images will be delivered to you on a CD-ROM for safe keeping. We can also put a video or slideshow of images as a keepsake so someday you can look back and remember good times when your loved one was still with us.

Contact us if you would like our professional photography services for funeral photography.  We travel all over San Antonio, Texas and smaller communities around the South Tx area. We work very well in this type of photography. We know not to get in the way, photograph people crying in their most intimate moments. We walk around slowly and discreetly and take images from the back of the church or cemetery. It’s all about you and your family on this day. We do our best to stay out of the way. If you have special requests like getting images of the flowers, casket or any other request just let us know what it is you need us to do for you.