Burial Photography and Professional Photography For Funeral Services


Sensitive Photographer for San Antonio Texas Funerals and Cemetery Services

Below is a short video clip. Our services don’t include full video of the funeral service.

Initially, and foremost, we are unquestionably and deeply unhappy for your loss.

While this is a time of fantastic sadness, capturing the emotion and celebration of one’s life is necessary. Sadness has a way of bringing people together. We’ve witnessed firsthand the form of bonding and strength that develops out of loss. And while it is a trying time in your life, this can possibly be a most honored present, and one that you’ll quite likely remember for several years to come.

This journey all of us are on must one day end, and while we’ve all experienced the heartbreak of losing a loved one, funerals provide the chance to bring friends and whole family together for a time of reminiscence and rejoicing in the life that once was.

And most importantly, we are discrete, respectful and professional. You won’t even notice us there taking photos and our equipment won’t be in your way.

Our San Antonio funeral photography services provide a way to tangibly preserve the memory of the deceased, while capturing the love and fellowship of friends and family as they pull together. Our unique experience allows us to discretely and compassionately put on film the love, tenderness and genuine emotion of the room.

Funeral Services and The Photographer

Funeral photo services and photography are a sensitive time for many involved. We go out of our way to be sensitive while taking photographs. We don’t use flash to distract your precious and last moments. We are in San Antonio, Texas. The majority of the burial services we attend take place at Fort Sam Houston cemetery. Call us to see how we can be of service for you. Our daytime phone number is 210-541-2985.

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