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First, and foremost, we are truly and deeply saddened for your loss.

This journey we all are on must one day end, and while we’ve all experienced the heartbreak of losing a loved one, funerals provide the opportunity to bring friends and family together for a time of remembrance and rejoicing in the life that once was.

Though this is a time of great sadness, capturing the emotion and celebration of one’s life is important. Grief has a way of bringing people together. We’ve witnessed firsthand the type of bonding and strength that grows out of loss. And while it is a trying time in your life, this can be a most blessed gift, and one that you’ll likely remember for years to come.

Capturing the Life and Love of Moment

Our San Antonio funeral photography services provide a way to tangibly preserve the memory of the deceased, while capturing the love and fellowship of friends and family as they pull together. Our unique experience allows us to discretely and compassionately put on film the love, tenderness and genuine emotion of the room.

And most importantly, we are discrete, respectful and professional. You won’t even notice us there.

What our Services Cover

We work closely with you to provide coverage of:

  • Church services
  • Burial rites / services
  • Memorial services
  • Receptions
  • Wakes

Professional Funeral Photography as Part of the Grieving Process

Emotion is a beautiful thing. It can be stressful and painful, but it helps us appreciate life and all that it has to offer. Even in our darkest times, capturing the essence of the moments is a precious gift an experienced funeral photographer can offer.

Here are a few reasons why you may wish to consider hiring a local San Antonio, TX funeral photography service:

  1. A Visual Record of Who Attended

During times of grief its almost impossible to focus or absorb anything of great significance. Especially when it comes to the (sometimes) hundreds of hugs and handshakes you’ll dole out. Guest books are a nice gesture, but being able to put a face to a name is very helpful as well.

  1. Capture the Moment’s Emotion

Emotions are part of life. Remembering the sad times helps us appreciate the joyous moments in our life that much more. Funerals are also a time of love, bonding and putting aside our differences. This can be a great opportunity to capture the love and fellowship of family and friends there to support each other during this trying time.

  1. Immortalizing the Outpouring of Love and Honor

Funerals represent an opportunity to show the world who our beloved was, what they stood for, their values and beliefs. Moments of gratitude, those who speak up on their behalf, and even the hymns sung at the church and the flower arrangements are opportunities to capture precious moments in time.

These images are reflections of the beloved’s personality, their community and the family and friends they loved.

  1. Closure and Inclusion for those who couldn’t make it

With families spreading out across the nation and abroad, it is not always possible for everyone to make the funeral or wake. In such circumstances, professional funeral photography offers a way to include those individuals and help them with their grieving process.


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