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outdoor-headshot-woman-real-estateAt Richard’s Photography, We excel in collaborating with women in the business world, aiding them in crafting compelling and professionally polished images. We believe that virtually every woman, including those in corporate roles, can benefit from support, coaching, and encouragement in some form or another.

31 Years of Professional Photography Experience in San Antonio Texas

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Richard’s Photography is a dedicated portrait enterprise led by the talented duo of Patty and Richard, who have been passionately involved in the photography industry since 1991. With a specialization in women’s photography, we understand that you may be searching for a professional photographer online for the first time. We are here to assist you in realizing your portrait or headshot aspirations.

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What does Richard’s Photography feel about the power of photographic expressions?

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Patty and Richard work with many women in helping them create strong photographic images. You need to be taken seriously and we’ll help you achieve that with a powerful headshot and get those expressions to show the world you mean business.

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Call Patty and let her know what kind of photos you have in mind and what you’re going to use them for. She can make some really good suggestions that will make for a great photo session. Women want to feel attractive about themselves. For women’s headshots, It is our job to help ladies feel comfortable during the entire photo session and process.


Whom do you photograph among your female clients from Texas? We capture a diverse range of women, including older individuals, young women, women in positions of power and upper management, those with a strong leadership presence, job seekers, corporate leaders, female lawyers, doctors, surgeons, and business owners.

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Tips For Best Colors to Wear For Your Photo Session

For professional portraits, neutral colors such as black, navy, gray, white and beige are usually considered the best options. These colors tend to be timeless and create a clean, classic look that doesn’t distract from the subject’s face.

Red can be a good color to wear in photos, but it depends on the specific shade and the skin tone of the person being photographed. Bright red can be overpowering, while a deeper, muted red can add some warmth and interest to the portrait.

Blue is another popular color for portraits, as it can convey calmness and stability. Light, pastel blues can be a good choice for a fresh, summery look, while darker blues can be more sophisticated.

Green can also be a good color to wear in photos, especially if you want to complement the surrounding environment, like in nature photography. However, like red, the specific shade of green and the skin tone of the subject should be considered, as some shades of green may not be the most flattering.

How Often Should Someone Renew Their Headshots?

The frequency at which you should get new photos of yourself depends on your personal needs and preferences. Some people may choose to get new photos taken every few months or years, while others may only update their photos once every few years. If you use your photos for professional or social media purposes, it may be beneficial to update them more frequently to keep your image fresh and current. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.