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Men’s Headshot Photographers San Antonio Texas

We now travel all over San Antonio Texas for men’s group photography, business lifestyle, company meetings and company events – 210-541-2985. Our photography company services also takes to local events to photograph parties, company party and events. Most of our business is working with individuals and large business in the corporate world. Many San Antonio and out of state companies refer to us when they need photo services for their employees. Our outdoor environmental portraits are unique and creative. Our personalty goes into each portrait we take. It would be our please to be the photographer you can count on for all of your photography needs. Whatever type of event, party, celebration, award ceremony or employee appreciation function you plan on having please contact us and let us know how we can be of service to you.

linkedin headshot san antonio“Personal Image Branding” Those Linkedin Photos Should Pop!

Same Day Available – Your Personal Brand Head shots are Ready The Same Day

We Also do Photography for Conventions and Similar Corporate Functions.

Real Estate Headshot – The San Antonio Realtor Portrait Photographer

professional-realestate-headshots-photography-san-antonioOur portrait services now take us to San Antonio and Austin, Tx. For corporate and real estate business staff headshots we travel to Austin. We can meet your business or corporation for meetings, company directory updates plus all the other functions that happen day to day from business to business portraits. Contact us if you need a rate quote for your company and staff.

Getting the right and most outstanding real estate head shot for your local business is key to your overall success.

  • We consider ourselves in the top 10. No, the box store studios don’t count! We know what we’re doing. We were trained by the best in the business.
  • We do our very utmost to be creative when taking photos of our clients
  • You’ll never settle for less than just “ok” again when you come to us. Don’t settle for less than perfect ever again!
  • We are never happy unless you’re fully happy, please and over-joyed with your experience with us and the quality of your photography


environmental photography session of business man san antonio texas

Why Taking Your San Antonio Images Outdoors is a Wonderful Alternative

  • There are some clients  that have come to our studio and for some reason can’t relax around bright studio lights. They tend to blink a lot. They become a little frustrated.
  • Making the decision to go outside even though unplanned has made the difference many times. Why is that?  What was the big difference?
  • For some reason when one of our customers heads outside they become relaxed in nature. The birds chirping, the sound of wind, the smell of fresh air. These are all factors that cause a person to relax.
  • Being calm and relaxed is key to looking your best. Being outside is the big fix for this situation. We are well prepared for this. Our outdoor area is just a few steps out the front door.  Everyone who has taken their portraits has been 100 percent happy with the results of the outdoor portraits.   See our college portraits outdoor.

tips for men's headshotsWhy Men’s Appearance is Important Too –  Tips on Improving Your Chance of Getting Awesome Results From Your Photographer

  • Your beard, have you shaved today? We do retouching but removing a beard , stubble or 5 o’clock shadow is not a task that can be accomplished.
  • Have you ironed the shirt you’ll be wearing? Have you ironed the suit you’re going to be wearing?
  • Take time to carefully look over the attire you’ll be wearing. We can only do so much so you need to prepare for the things are fixable ahead of time.
  • Are you color coordinated for your clothing? Huh?  I mean does your tie go with your jacket? A wild pattern with stripes on a tie can throw everything off. It just takes one article of wrong clothing to mess up a good photo session. Corporate photography San Antonio community requires various clothing requirements from casual, semi-casual to suit and tie. Women often wear a nice formal dress.

How to look your best for your photo

  • How is your hair? Look in the mirror and decide whether your hair looks good or if you should go to a stylist. Only you can decide this one.
  • What about your clothing? Have you decided on what you’ll be wearing? Take a look at your wardrobe. Hold one of your shirts or tops under your chin. Look in the mirror and ask yourself this question. Does this shirt compliment my skin and face or does it compete? Very important!
  • Most people choose black or gray for their clothing colors. This goes well for medical student residency photos where an image is needed for the application.

selfie headshot

What kind of people call a photography studio?

There are many people with all kinds of needs and reasons. What’s yours?  Needing family pictures click here.

  • Realtors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • New Hire Real Estate
  • Business Owners
  • New Hire Business Employees
  • Job Applications
  • Job Applicants
  • Resume Attachment Forms
  • CEO’s of Large Companies
  • Entire Staff and Employees of Small Companies
  • Medical Students
  • Book Authors
  • Pastors
  • Musicians
  • Bloggers

Richard’s Photography


16418 Inwood Cove Dr.

San Antonio, Texas 78248

We don’t accept checks. Thank you.

Usage: For social media, websites, business cards.  Additional fee $100 for commercial usage such as billboards.

If you’re driving from the direction of IH 10 west near to Fiesta Texas and La Canterra parkway shopping center turn on the Loop 1604 exit and travel east. You will go past n.w. north west military drive then you’ll see the bitters road, huebner road exit. Take a right on west bitters road. Go 1/2 a mile and you’re there/ If you’re driving on highway 281 north turn left on Bitters road. You”ll be going west. You’ll pass west avenue then you’ll cross over Blanco road. Go another mile and you’ll come to Huebner road.  If you’re coming from DeZavala road you’ll pass Clark high school. Keep going all the way to North West Military drive then turn left. Go up to loop 1604 and go right. You will see the exit to Bitters rd and Huebner. Take a right on West Bitters rd. Go up the hill and you’re there. If you live near the area of Churchill high school then go up to Blanco road and take a left turn on Bitters road. Bitters rd will lead you over Huebner rd to the Forest at Inwood where are studio is.





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  1. We are looking for quotes to have professional headshots done for several of our Commercial Real Estate professionals. Approximately 12.

  2. We are looking for quotes to have professional headshots done for several of our Commercial Real Estate professionals. Approximately 12.

  3. Hi Melissa, we can help you with your 12 real estate professionals. Please contact us so we can discuss exactly what you’re look for.

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    Richard and Patty Rives
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    Yes, we can do a portrait for you and help you set-up for business cards. Patty already talked to you. Gives us a call on Monday
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