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We Also do Photography for Conventions and Similar Corporate Functions.

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Adults, Kids & Children

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What is the typical usage of head shot images? For social media, websites, business cards. Other individuals often need photos for applications and resumes. There have been occasions where medical students need our services as they need to attach an image to their application. Book writers often use their photos to use on their book jackets or the front cover of their published books. No matter the occasion or need we are here for you.


Headshots Photographer

Realtors, real estate agents, lawyers, attorneys, doctors, authors, book publishers, actors, musicians, children, kids and for other personal use.

For Personal Use and Business. We offer a premium service to our business professional clients.  As photographers we feel taking

too many images is overwhelming so this why we only take a certain amount of images. Your Time is Valuable

We realize the majority of our clients only want or need a few good images they can work with. Your time is also considered when you are at our studio.

Most don’t have a lot of time to sit through 100s of photos. Above all You have places to go, meetings to attend, people to see and deadlines to meet. 

We can give you rates or prices for groups of people.



Richard’s Photography


16418 Inwood Cove Dr.

San Antonio, Texas 78248

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Usage: For social media, websites, business cards.  Additional fee $100 for commercial usage such as billboards.



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Professional Headshot Photographer
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Professional Headshot Photographer
Richard's Photography
Richard's Photography,
16418 Inwood Cove Dr,San Antonio,Texas-78248,
Telephone No.210-541-2985
San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas
Professional Photographer For Headshots, Senior Portraits and Family Photography
Our portrait studio is all about creating professional headshots for business professionals, corporations, medical students or to update your online profile image for a website or social media like Linkedin.
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Richard's Photography

16418 Inwood Cove Dr

San Antonio, TX 78248


Personal Branding Photography

Have you ever done a search and asked for Photographers near me?  Pretty cool huh?

We do photo retouching. Do you have images that need skin softening or blemish removal? We can do that for you. We remove acne and acne scars, soften lines around the eyes and nose. We Whiten teeth. Fill in gaps and holes in teeth.

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