Professional Headshots San Antonio by Richard Rives San Antonio Photographer

We Specialize in Studio Portraits For Business People, In Studio and Outdoor Photos

Why YOU Should Choose Us as Your Photographer

We consider ourselves in the top 10. No, the box store studios don’t count! We know what we’re doing.  We were trained by the best in the business We do our very utmost to be creative when taking photos of our client., You’ll never settle for less than just “ok” again when you come to us. Don’t settle for less than perfect ever again. We are never happy unless you’re fully happy, please and over-joyed with your experience with us and the quality of your photography

Taking Headshots in a Studio –  The Importance of Lighting, Modifiers and Backgrounds

We shoot the majority of our head shot pictures in our studio. It is a controlled environment. Nobody has their hair blowing all over the place.

Background choice may or may not be a major factor. It depends on if the client has already made up their mind what they want.

Lighting and light modifiers are important to have for stunning photos. We use several styles of modifiers depending on the shoot style.

A modifier can be something you use to diffuse or guide the light the way you want it to go. You may or may not understand this. Good news is you don’t have to.

Background choice. Believe it or not you can take a plain gray background and make it look 100 different ways. It depends on how you use… yes, your light modifiers.

Black also makes a great background for certain people. It has to all come together to work properly. Dark hair, dark jacket can work if done properly.

Men or women with blonde hair look amazing on a black background. If lit properly that hair can stand right out.

Basically, when you come to us we can adapt to any lighting situation with your colors of clothes or hair style and color. It’s our job to know these things.

Why Taking Your Headshots Outdoors is a Wonderful Alternative

There are some clients  that have come to our studio and for some reason can’t relax around bright studio lights. They tend to blink a lot. They become a little frustrated.

Making the decision to go outside even though unplanned has made the difference many times. Why is that.  What was the big difference.

For some reason when one of our customers heads outside they become relaxed in nature. The birds chirping, the sound of wind, the smell of fresh air. These are all factors that cause a person to relax.

Being calm and relaxed is key to looking your best. Being outside is the big fix for this situation. We are well prepared for this. Our outdoor area is just a few steps out the front door.  Everyone who has taken their portraits has been 100 percent happy with the results of the outdoor portraits.

How Retouching Your Photos Can Make You Look Marvelous

Smoothing your skin, smoothing your laugh lines, wrinkles or experience lines as people call them. Your photo isn’t complete without retouching.

Removing blemishes. Whether it’s an actual blemish from acne or just scrapes, bumps and bruises. We can remove those for you.

The neck, some ladies are concerned about getting older. Your neck may show some signs of experience. Don’t worry, we can smooth those out for you too.

Why Your Headshot Session is Incomplete Without Retouching Your Favorite Image or Images

You worked hard to get prettied up for your headshot. We can’t let you leave without at least 3 of your favorites enhanced for skin smoothing and blemishes removed.

Our name is behind your photographs. We take pride in the service we provide for our clients.

Chances are other people will see your photos and may think it but not say it.

When you receive your head shots take time to choose which 3 – 5 images you want retouched. We usually take no more than 45 minutes to an hour to complete the process.

Give us some time to thin out those laugh lines under the eyes so it looks like you got a few hours of extra sleep.

The very best tips and advice when looking for a photographer that takes headshots

Not all photographers do headshots. Just because they are willing to do yours doesn’t mean a good outcome. Look at samples! Very Important!

Take time to look through the gallery of a real head shot photographer. Do those images jump out at you? Boom! There you go. You’ve got the right person.

Many not so professionals think they are doing you justice by taking 100+ images. You don’t have time for that! You will become aggravated trying to sort through all of those images.

Studio, does your potential head shot photographer have a studio? If they claim they go to you watch out. No studio means no real commitment to the profession.