These days with so many digital cameras and iphones it can just drive you crazy. So many people advertising they are photographers but are they really? How can you tell? Easy. Call them and see if they answer hello or hello this is XYZ photography studio or if it’s just “hello” watch out. Sometimes you’ll hear kids crying in the background or the TV blaring loud that you can’t hear each other. A true professional photographer will greet you in a proper manner on the phone and introduce themselves as the portrait studio representative.

Folks, it’s a one time shot so ignore all the photo takers out there. Ignore Mom who likes photography and does it free for friends and the rest of their community. You may not find much imagination in the posing unless you really like pictures of feet. Why feet? Who knows but there is no art or purpose to that. Richard’s Photography offers 20 years of talent and fine art photography in a professional environment.