How Much are Family Portrait Sessions in San Antonio?

family photographer sample of family pictures on location san antonioThere are some family photographers just starting out that charge anywhere from $75 to $150 which includes all the digital images taken. Your more experienced family photographer with knowledge of cameras, settings, lighting and angles will more than likely charge $150 – $200 for just the session and then you’ll be able to order prints from a private online gallery. The photographer may even have the prints delivered to your door.  See family photo sessions

Family Photography Packages – What San Antonio Family Photographers Charge and Include in Packages

Here are samples of how much a package could consist of. A small family session with 5 people may contain 2 – 8x10s, 4 – 5x7s and maybe an 11×14 for the wall. The cost for this package should average around $275. Remember this, you are not paying for paper with an image. The knowledge, expertise and skill of the photographer is a big part of the price for prints. Other amateur photographers with lack of skill often don’t value their work and this the reason you probably won’t receive top notch photos from your session.

Cheap Family Prices Don’t Mean Quality Photographs

When a family member uses their search query with the word “cheap” as their target for finding a photographer it could end up on a photographer that is cheap. But, they are cheap for a reason. They may lack the skill it takes to capture your family photos. This is not the route to go unless you need someone who doesn’t take their photography seriously or they may only do photography on the weekends. After reading this doesn’t it make you a little nervous? These scenarios do exist in the photography world. Unknowing and unsuspecting clients get taken all the time by the sounds of a cheap price or too good to be true. If your family photo is of importance to you then don’t take any chances that you could regret for a long time.

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