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How Much are Headshots in 2020

You’re a person or business looking for a Linkedin photographer that takes headshots in the San Antonio area. Your first question may be, how much are headshots?  Who takes headshots? Is there a photographer near me that takes headshots? The simple answer is , yes. There is a professional headshot photographer near your area.

The Cost of a Headshot in San Antonio

Here’s a short cost analysis for a good photographer. The basic price is $165 per person What does this include? It includes up 30 minutes of the photographer’s time behind the camera with you. Second, the cost includes sitting down with the photographer and going over the images you like. You’ll choose your favorites and we’ll put them side-by-side and compare expressions and poses. So what’s next? This where the customer chooses their favorite 3 images. Those chosen images will be retouched right in front of the client’s eyes. Yes, they get to watch.

How Much is a 1 Hour Headshot Session

Here’s the price for a 1 hour session. It’s $265 plus tax. What does this include? It includes a combination of taking a series of photos in the studio. Once we’re satisfied with what we’ve taken we’ll go outdoors. Our clients love outdoor headshot sessions. They actually feel more relaxed since they can move around, smell the fresh air and hear the birds singing in the background.

Here it is laid out for you in easy terms:

25 – 30 Minute Session $165 plus tax per person

45 minutes to 1 hour $265 plus tax per person

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