bride and groom at their wedding sitting on a bench outside

Kairos Wedding Day Event Photography

Wedding day photography at Kairo’s in the Texas Hill Country. A very happy bride. Wedding from Kairos wedding event place located between Luckenbach and Fredericksburg Texas close to the Pedernales river.  Weddings at Kairo’s are loads of fun. Every one in a while you have to think about a new and exciting place to exchange wedding vows. These days weddings are taking place in a church which is fine for the old fashion bride. Wouldn’t  you like a new and exciting place to get married?  Try Kairo’s in the Texas hill country.

Putting on wedding shoes

An awe moment with father of the bride slipping on the shoe for his daughter.

Bridal party black and white photograph outdoorsGroom kissing bride on forehead wedding photograph

Groom kissing his bride on her forehead. A very sweet gesture from him.

Groom formal with groomsmen smailing looking good before wedding

The happy groom with his best buddies. All dressed in black tuxedo’s except the groom had other ideas.

Bride formal with parents formal photograph before weddingBride with sisters posing for the camera

In her wedding dress this bride invited her two sisters to be bridesmaids. Love their green dresses!

Mom talking to bride photo in black and whiteBride in the mirror doing lasy minute touches on her faceBride with mom looking over the balconyWedding guests waiting for bride to come down the aisleBride leading the way down the stairwayWedding guests waiiting parents of groomBridesmaids waiting to start walking towards the ceremony spotBride walking from behind

Bride walking with her father down the flagstone pathway.

Bride walking with father here comes the bride smiling bigGroomsmen in black and white at a Texas weddingBride hugging father as her bridesmaids look onPhoto of the Bridesmaid smiling at the other bridesmaids

Maid of honor with a really nice smile talking with the other bridesmaid.

Black and white wedding photo of the couple holding handsDramatic pose of bride and groom kissingBride and groom with family for formal portraits after the wedding ceremonyBride sitting on Groom's knee relaxing after the ceremonyGroomsmen with groom at a wedding venue in TexasBride and groom laughing and dancing at the receptionCutting wedding cake with a big knife at Fredericksburg Texas locationBride feeding cake to her new groomBride laughing while eating wedding cakeWedding guests dance in a big line at their wedding in fredericksburg texasBride and groom dancing while looking into the cameraBride dancing with father on the wedding receptiongroom dance with mother at the wedding receptionGarter toss black and white photo at wedding reception fredericksburg txGroom tossing the garter at wedding in FrederickburgTaking off the garter of the bride's legGarter toss out on the dance floor wedding receptionCatching Bouquet at the wedding reception in fredericksburg


This place has a huge barn-like building big enough to hold a decent amount of people. A bride and groom can have plenty of room to dance around with their guests also at the same time the wedding photographer has plenty of room to walk around plus there is an overhead balcony where the photographer can stand. He can take out a long zoom lens and capture all the happenings from down below. Weddings can be capture from all different angles and perspectives. It’s up to the photographer to be able to seize the moment. He/she should be on the ball or on their toes watching for special moments to capture. A wedding day is full of precious moments waiting to be had. It often takes a lot of walking around, lots of turning the head from side to side and a lot of lifting the arms up to shoot the shot.

A well-trained wedding photographer usually has all the experience necessary to handle any brides big wedding moments. It’s the experience also that will yield a huge portfolio of wedding photos that the bridal couple will have to cherish forever. Don’t get suckered into hiring the cheap camera guy because his prices are too good to pass up. Your day matters in a big way. Hire the right man or woman for the job and there will be no disappointment at all. Your book of memories should be ready for you in a matter of 2 to 3 weeks. While you’re off on your honeymoon you’ll be focused on having a memorable time and not whether or not the photographer did a good job on your wedding photography images.

Interview some local photography experts before just hiring anybody. It’s like test driving a car. You don’t just pay the salesman and take off in the car. Do you? You take it for a test drive and see if it has what you’re looking for. The same goes with the wedding day photographer. See what he or she does. Look at their images. Do they have the enthusiasm you’re looking for? Did they capture the beautiful moments? If so, then this is the right camera person for you.


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