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Looking for the best Linkedin headshot photographers? Many people take portraits and that’s fine. Your Linkedin profile says everything about you. Potential employers frequent the Linkedin profiles looking for potential candidates and reading their resumes. You may ask the question, don’t other social media sites have my profile image?  Yes, but companies search through the Linkedin profiles for qualified candidates with the right experience. You can’t expect a business owner to look through your Facebook page and read all of your personal posts. It’s not a site for professional hiring skills.

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Man in outdoor setting posing for his business photography photos. Photograph for his Linkedin profile page.

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Get the best of the best headshots for your linked in page from a professional Linkedin headshot photographer. They know how to pose people in a flattering way. There’s no guess work. We do it all for you. You will look your very best in these photos.  When it comes time to submit your photo online you’ll feel confident in knowing that you have a remarkable looking profile that will attract the big company chiefs in charge of hiring new employees and executives for their company.

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You can count on Richard’s Photography to be there for you when the need arises. We are a full time photography studio specializing in headshots for linkedin and other social media websites. You can use your images online, for business cards, your marketing flyers and brochures or any other way you can think of. Appointments are basically pretty easy with our portrait studio. Knowing that you are busy with other things and projects in your daily routine, we’ll be as quick and thorough as possible. If you only have time to stay for the session it’s not a problem. You can leave for your next destination and we’ll deliver your images by email. You can let us know which image you would like retouched and we’ll send that one to you within a day.


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  • Richard and Patty are amazing! I was pretty nervous to get my Professional Headshots as I don’t feel I’m very photogenic and have never sat for planned photos. Patty gave me advice on what to wear before I got there and the both went out of their way to make sure I felt comfortable and relaxed. The photos Richard took are amazing and the quick edits he did showed his skill and his professional knowledge. Would absolutely recommend Richard’s Photography and plan to use them for any and all upcoming photography needs. Katrina Castillo 04/18/2019
  • Richard took my medical application headshots. He did a super job. Sandy Myles 11/28/2018
  • Richard did a very nice job taking my professional headshots. I need headshots for social media. Richard and his wife Patty were very amazing people to work with. I recommend Richard's Photography for your photography needs. Krystin Carans 01/04/2019
  • Richard and Patty made my portrait session painless. I was given great direction and guidance. Very pleased with all of my portraits. Natalie Cantu 12/11/2018