Photo Retouching

Did the amateur photographer you hired come up short?  Did he/she give you images on CD-ROM without retouching?

We provide retouching services for our customers or if you have images from another photographer that didn’t get the job done.

We can remove scars, remove blemishes, soften lines around the eyes, nose, jaw line and neck. Yes, we can whiten your teeth!


retouched bridal portrait

photo retouchning retouched image


Did you get left out in the cold with photographs that were less than optimal?  We have heard this story many times from our clients.

Photo Retouching Services

Many photographers offer their services very cheaply. Unfortunately the customer doesn’t realize how cheap that photographer was until they receive a bunch of images that are not color corrected or retouched. They are basically dull and lifeless without proper skin smoothing and blemish removal. It is important as professional photographer to retouch the clients photographs. We take pride in the photography we provide for our portrait customers.  We often retouch 3 images for our headshot customers while they wait.

photo retouchning retouched portraitphoto retouchning retouched couple portraitphoto retouchning retouched photo of woman

retouched wedding portrait

Call us with your retouching request.

Great for bridal portraits, wedding photographs, job applications and resumes, social media profiles. Let us know what your needs are for photo retouching and blemish removal. Our service includes softening the wrinkles under the eyes, filling gaps in teeth, make teeth whiter plus removing scars and stray hairs.

This service is great for headshots, actor headshots senior portraits, bridal portraits or any other images that are obviously needing some kind of retouch work. Most of our retouch work is usually complete in 3 business days depending on our workload. If it’s just a matter of one image then we can possibly have it ready in 1 business day. Get in touch and let us know what you need done.


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