Cherry Personal Branding Headshot Session – Real Estate Agent – San Antonio

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Personal Brand Headshot Cherry San Antonio Texas

Professional headshot photography session of real agent in San Antonio and LaVernia Texas area. Cherry want a photographer who could pull the looks out of her. She has always been uncomfortable around a camera. We managed to pulls some really good looks and expressions out of her. She was more than thrilled with her images. See men’s personal brand photography session.

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Outdoor Headshots Cherry Wearing Blue Shirt

Cherry also wanted to take a few images outdoors. We spent a few minutes and captured some great expressions and a very soft look. She will be using her headshots on various marketing materials for her real estate business. Near me is Hunters photo session and she was one of outdoor photo clients.

real estate branding image of woman blonde hair San Antonio

Business Headshot Tips For Real Estate Agents

  1. Match The Picture to Your Brand.
  2. Use Professional Photographer with  Professional Lighting.
  3. Keep the Backdrop Simple like a solid.
  4. Include Props If They Match Your Brand.
  5. Dress How You Would When Meeting a Brand New Client.
  6. Go for Basic Hair and Makeup.
  7. Don’t Get a Haircut Right Before Your Appointment.
  8. Keep a Mirror on Hand to check for last minute details.

Review written by photography customer

Let us know how we can help you with your business photos and marketing. We will coach you through your photo session if you are not quite comfortable in front of the camera. We love working with our customers and our great reviews show exactly that. John’s branding headshot

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