Medical Student Headshots Where to Have Them Taken

Where to Take Medical Student Headshots in San Antonio TX

So many med students, so many classes, so many potential career paths. Where do you start? What do you do first?

Once you have the information you need for your application you will be required to submit a professional headshot.  This photo needs to be taken a certain way.

No fancy posing, no fancy backgrounds, this is not what your future employer wants to see. You are entering a professional medical arena and your future boss

wants to see an intelligent and professional looking applicant who takes their medical career seriously. The  days of selfies into your cell phone are over for you.

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What Future Doctors Need in a Portrait Session

Here is the type of portrait a medical practice is looking for. They want a pretty straight on photo with no real fancy poses. They want the student looking straight to the camera with a firm but approachable look.  You may  want to take some  extra photos with arms folded, a big smile or whatever you’re used to doing in photographs. You can always use these kind of photographs later on when you’re established in your own medical practice. But, for now, stick to what we know works for medical students. The right photographer will be able to guide you and coach you into the right image.

Medical Student Video

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