When to Take Senior Portraits San Antonio

When senior portraits are taken in San Antonio

Richard’s Photography senior portrait website

Call for details or go the website to more graduation picture samples from previous high school graduates.

girl san antonio high school senior portrait

Actually the spring time is a great time to think about high school senior photos. The wildflowers are giving off vibrant colors with their red, blues and yellows. At least that’s what they look like in our back 40 garden. High school kids enjoy our backyard shooting area for their pictures. They get to feel free in the wild with the birds chirping and the squirrels running back and forth.  next section

Scheduling a Senior Portrait Session


We make it very convenient for parents and students to schedule their photo sessions. Most our appointments are for Monday – Friday.  We do work the occasion Saturday but not on Sundays.As you kick off planning your schedule, keep in mind to leave a lot of time for everything related to your portraits. The summer shortly after your junior year is when senior picture season officially starts.

Although it may seem too early, it really isn’t.  This is the absolute best time to start looking through websites for a senior portrait photographer. Preferably a portrait photographer who knows how manipulate lighting conditions, pose the subject in flattering positions and poses and get in the creative angles to make the photos a bit more interesting. Read this section on photography

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