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Yes, We can Slim Down Your Face!

Samples Shown Below Are of Before and After Retouching, Smoothing and Face Reshaping

We Can Remove Scars From Anywhere on The Face Area

Sorry! We can’t remove double chins.

retouching Richard's Photogrpahy

photo retouching of woman with long red hair



For ladies: We can add color/blush to your cheeks and brighten your lipstick.

Best Photo Retouching San Antonio Texas

Did your photographer leave you with without any color enhanced wedding photos? Did you take pictures with your own digital camera that left you with colorless images?

We can help you bring life back to your photos. We can retouch and color correct your wedding photos, graduation photos or family photos.

Sorry, No images from cell phones. Only high resolution pics from DSLR camera or mirrorless cameras.


Retouching is Always Included When You Hire us For Your Headshots or Portraits:

Basic Color Enhancing Starts at $18 per image

Limited Facial Retouching Starts at $35 per image (per person)

Sorry! We can’t remove double chins.



We smooth out wrinkles, wrinkle lines, take bags from under the eyes, smooth out neck lines.

Whitening of the eyes, bright eyes, remove stray hairs.

We also whiten your teeth, make your pearly whites even whiter.

We can remove or smooth out shiny areas. Not all shiny areas can be totally taken out but they can be smoothed out.



You’re probably landed on this site because you you are in need of some photo retouching. Perfect, we can do that for you!  We have a quick and convenient photo re touch service for people with images they are not happy with. Is this you?  There are many people who receive their wedding day photos or images from a photo session and they were not enhanced at all by the photographer who took them. Possibly they didn’t know how or maybe they thought you wouldn’t say anything about it.

Photo Retouching San Antonio Texas

Here are Reasons People Look for Photo and Image Retouching

  • Wedding Photographs, did you get a USB drive full of images and  the ones that are close up have shiny spots? Yeah, pretty nasty, huh?
  • The photographer you hired to do your engagement session photos wasn’t that experienced and just gave you images shot as-is. Not good!
  • You hired someone off of Craigslist and they emailed you images without color correcting or removing blemishes. That’s never good!
  • Your friend told you he or she could take your senior portraits but he had no clue how to color correct or remove blemishes. That’s comes from inexperience!

Photo Retouching Before and After San Antonio Texas

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Digital Retouching and Enhancement for Pictures San Antonio

A growing number of people are using digital cameras for the reason that it’s very easy to take picture and edit it depending on what you want. Exactly who would not want a picture perfect head shot? Nevertheless, we must acknowledge the fact that when you take pictures you don’t always achieve the very best shot. Doing this is where digital enhancement comes to be useful.

Digital enhancement functions in a way where you are given the chance to prep your pictures and modify them to obtain the greatest image quality. You can do the picture enhancements using photo editing software or by utilizing the services of a professional digital photography company. When you opt to use a photo editing software, the image is typically saved in jpg or jpeg format. Then you can submit the image and send them to a number of online sites that present photo printing services.

There are many digital photography services available now in the internet. There are numerous companies that cater services of this sort. Usually, they offer services like digital imaging, photo retouching, and photo editing and digital enhancement. Some other digital imaging services are additionally presented to bring complete satisfaction to photo hobbyists.

There are lots of innovative ways on how to improve a portrait. All of these are made possible because of digital technology. Any individual who’s into photography can make the most of the digital photography professional services that are being offered on the internet. Digital prints are really long-lasting as compared to the typical photos. They are fade-resistant and water-proof. An additional fantastic advantage of digital is that everything about editing and printing photos is achieved with the help of do-it-yourself printers. Photo prints printed within this manner are demonstrated to last long compared to the film-based photography.

Certainly digital photography has come a long way since the digital cameras and computers were developed. The birth of digital cameras has produced tremendous conveniences in the world of photography where everyone with digital cameras can take a picture and upload it to the computer and share it with friends.

What is digital enhancement? Digital enhancement is the answer to all image quality problems. It’s the most effective way to enhance your snapshot and make it look more eye-catching. With digital enhancement, you can easily increase the attractiveness of images by just readjusting the brightness, contrast and sharpness of the picture. You are additionally given the chance to enhance the color balance of the picture. Resizing the image and cropping it simultaneously can also be done with ease.

Digital photography is the most recent trend in the photography industry. That is considered to be the easiest way to take a snapshot and enhance its overall features. Basically, digital photography is the art of taking pictures without the need for film. Because there’s no film associated with the process of taking pictures, you can have the convenience of taking good shots and getting rid of the bad ones. It offers the most convenient way of capturing good images and converting them to interesting art pieces.

Offering things to consider to all of the these digital photography basics will definitely bring you good options when it comes to taking pictures in its absolute best form. Make the most of what digital technology has to offer. If you want to obtain quality pictures, you should use the digital editing and enhancement support services that are available through several photo printers online. With these kinds of services available, picture perfect retouched headshots are just within reach.


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