Outstanding Portraits For College Graduation and High School Seniors by Trusted San Antonio Photographer

Portrait Photography For UIW, UTSA College Graduation Plus High School in San Antonio TX

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Senior Pictures San Antonio Texas Photographer

Places to Take Graduation Pictures in San Antonio

There many places to take senior pictures in the downtown areas of San Antonio. The Pearl is a great place. Those older buildings make nice backgrounds for all the different poses you want. The smoke stacks stand tall in the background and if you get in the right position you can get the stacks in with you. We provide the cap and gown for you if The Pearl is the Top Spot you want to go for your senior portraits.

Our High School Students and San Antonio College Graduates Come From UTSA, UIW Texas and other Hill Country and South Texas Areas

Your senior pictures should be a fun event and time in your life. Let Richard’s Photography create some memories by providing professional senior pictures of your high school years. Your photographer will and should have enough energy to create an exciting atmosphere for the both of you even if you’re not into it or you think you’re not photogenic. Leave it up to the photographer to bring out the qualities and personality within you.

Dressing Up For Your Senior Portraits?

college graduation portrait utsaNo way! You don’t need to dress up if it makes you uncomfortable. If you’re a guy just grab some solid shirts, clean blue jeans and a willingness to show up and have your portrait done. Girls, if you’re feeling you’re not a photogenic type of person then don’t worry about it. There’s something about a professional college graduation photographer with experience that you can trust will know what to do when it comes to photographing shy girls who lack confidence. Just show up and let us do the rest.

Main Reasons to Hire a Professional Graduation Portrait Artist

1: Experienced graduation photographers know how to work with high school seniors

2: A professional senior picture photographer can work with most kids personalities

3: An experienced photographer recognizes how manipulate lighting conditions

4: Senior photographers recognize there is a variation in posing between girls and boys

5: Well taught photographers continue to study cameras and camera settings for absolute best results

6: Most camera owners continue to update their equipment with far better cameras and lenses

7: More cutting edge lighting is always being updated so us professionals strive to use the best lighting equipment and light modifiers

8: Our experience features 27 years of full time photo sessions featuring weddings, bridal portraits, senior photos and family photography

9: We had the opportunity to start our career shooting film cameras. We had to rely on light meters and our eyes to get the right exposures

10: Professionals Know How to Retouch and Remove Blemishes