Senior Portraits and Graduation Portrait Sessions

High school senior photos and college portraits by Richard Rives San Antonio Texas

All of our senior portraits are unique, artsy and on an individual basis. Our seniors have fun with us and enjoy their portrait time.

Ask us about New & Affordable rates for 30 minute sessions. Just what you need!

Senior Portraits Near San Antonio Tx

A senior portrait is a great way of remembering your high school days and how hard you worked to get there. Be sure to look for a good photographer who will take the best graduation photos possible. Not all photographer studios in San Antonio are the same or think the same way. Let’s say you’re wanting the best senior portraits from a San Antonio portrait studio. So do some research first, visit some photography studios or even ask for referrals from your friends and neighbors. You could ask your friends at school to see their portraits. A lot of kids go to different photographers and all photo artists work in a different way. Seems you’ll see a variety of posing and lighting effects that may catch your eye.

High School Senior Photography by Richard Rives

First of all, a graduate or parent shouldn’t have to settle for the school photos they provide. Since school graduation photographers usually don’t have much imagination and are on a deadline, therefore they will hurry the client up making them nervous and not sure of how their pictures will turn out. Consequently, there will be disappointment among family members. Also, look around the web either on photography sites or websites with senior pictures. Search out what’s trendy and what’s not. If your style is black and white photos let your photographer know before the session.

Black and White College and Senior Graduation Portraits

If the client likes black and white portraits that are soft focus then let the photographer know that’s what you’re looking for. If a combination of color and black and white graduation pictures plus a combination of indoor and outdoor portraits then speak up. Furthermore, tell the photographer what you expect or desire. Rather depend on the imagination of a photographic artist as they see things most customers won’t. In addition, your experienced photographer knows how to work with various types of personalities. In conclusion, our photography studio has been alive since 1991. Most of all, we can create some images you’ll love forever. We’ll probably be here the rest of our lives coming with new and fresh ideas in our creations. Once you graduate from high school or college you can come to our portrait studio for some professional headshots for your next job or employment website and social profiles.

We want to be part of your graduation time. Contact us to discuss taking your senior photos. If you’re still in school we can schedule a date and time for after school hours. This will give you time to get home, freshen up and get your clothes together. If don’t care to change clothes then that’s not a problem. We have done more with less before. But, I’ll say this. The majority end up having such a good time they regret not bringing that extra shirt or pair of pants. We do make it special for every one of our seniors.

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