Make me Skinny Headshots

The woman shown in this portrait is beautiful already but, she wanted a transformation. She looks amazing!

Want to look skinny or thinner? Keep reading below!

At Richard’s Photography in San Antonio we do a lot of professional headshots and portraits for ladies, women, corporate females, young girls and yes even men too. They all have some kind of issue concerning additional weight especially in the neck and face area. We are asked all the time if we can me them look skinny. The answer to that is, to a degree. We are able to slim down the jaw line with our magic potion software. It’s not really a magic potion but it does take some calculations to get the right angles of the jaw, chin and neck area to long in proportion. Read: What to do when I need a makeup artist and can’t afford it.

Shiny Areas of The Face and Forehead

When you have your final image or images retouched you will see everything come into shape and form. Your portraits will look amazing. From the retouching of your face, lines and neck  area, we will smooth these parts out for you.  Once we finish smoothing out the parts of the photo we will ask the you, the client, which areas of concern you have. We will work on your image while you wait. This is very convenient to most people. They love instant results and a quick service. Contact us today for amazing headshot photography.

Photo Posing Tips

Stand Up or Sit Straight and Tall

Stooping makes you seem shorter and angles your body facing your middle, and that can create an unflattering image of your midsection. Contrasting, standing and sitting straight lengthens your figure, making your lower limbs and entire body look thinner. There are several ways to pose you so you look the best possible you. You’re in good hands.

Another Posing Tip For Professional Headshots

Precisely how do you appear thinner in images sitting down?

Angle your body as opposed to standing sideways.
Never press your arms close to your body.
Put your hands on your hips.
Tuck a single side of your body behind another person in group shots.
Sit with your shoulders back and do not slouch.
Cross your ankles if you’re sitting.