Business Portraits in Raw

If you are a professional photographer and you take business portraits then you should be shooting your camera in RAW format. By shooting in this format it gives you much more latitude on your colors as well as your exposure. If you happen to lose track of your white balance settings and cause your images to go slightly yellow or blue then you’ll be able to fix this quite easily in Photoshop.

If you are slightly under or over exposed it will also help you to recover your images so you don’t have to schedule a re-shoot. There’s nothing more embarrassing then messing  up a photo shoot because you didn’t pay attention to your camera settings.

Camera Settings

her_0008_1_ppIf you are shooting your camera in jpeg only format then you’re asking for trouble or a lot of work to try and recover your images. Most beginners or amateur photographers don’t have a clue when it comes to this. They’ll find out sooner or later that shooting in jpeg and automatic mode just doesn’t cut it.

They may get lucky every so often but jpeg shooters really need to learn that RAW format is their best friend. When it comes to photographing any subject matter this is crucial. 

If you’re taking pictures of flowers or landscapes which isn’t a crucial photo shoot for payment then jpeg is ok  to use. But, eventually you’ll want to go the way of RAW format for everything you shoot. You will see the difference between the two and never want to go back.

Get some practice with your camera by shooting RAW and jpeg at the same time. Compare the two and look at the difference in color. You will be amazed at what you see. Your portrait customers will love you for shooting the right way.

Your business portraits photography work will become popular and your customer base will start to take off.