Using a Professional Photographer For Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots

professional headshot san antoni texasWhy are corporate headshots so important for a business professional?  You, as business professionals, have only one chance to give your best first impression of you and who you are. The clothing you wear to how your hair is combed is crucial to achieving a great headshot.  Believe it or not, there are still some hiring managers out there that want to see professionalism in a candidate when they are applying for a job. You must be dressed for success and you must look the part.  headshot business portrait

When applying online for a job especially a high profile position, the hiring personnel manager that chooses who they want to interview will see your headshot or profile image. From there it will determine whether you get called in for an interview.

Don’t take a short cut!  Sit down with a professional photographer like me and let me do their magic on you. I as a photographer know how to pose, how to flatter you properly with good lighting.

Article by Richard Rives of Richard’s Photography in San Antonio Texas.