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As a husband and wife team we can capture your wedding photography and wedding day from two different perspectives. With two wedding photographers in two different places at once you get twice the coverage and more chances of capturing expressions, smiles and precious memories. You deserve to have a happy, fun-filled day. We are proven and already know what to do, how to interact, what to photograph, how stay out of the way and not be the center of attention.

Richard was trained by master professional photographer, Robert Mathias, who recently passed away at the age of 90. Robert moved to Spring Texas back in 2005. I was taught lighting and posing by this fine gentleman. I spent hours at his studio watching and learning. I even went on grunt errands for him but stuck with it.

I was determined to learn all I could about weddings, photographing brides, posing the bride and groom, how to place the hands of the bride to make them look as feminine as possible. I went along on his weddings and observed, handed and fetched camera equipment plus other tasks. By 1995 I was a much better wedding photographer than before. I had fresh ideas and implemented them along with what Robert had taught me.

It is now 2017, almost Summer and it seems brides are wanting more of the photojournalistic approach to their wedding day. Most brides we have dealt with don’t want to be held up after the ceremony for 100s of posed images by the altar. Most are ready to get on with the wedding reception so we try to hurry in a few shots of the immediate family before leaving the church. Most brides see the images we take and don’t ever remember seeing us at the ceremony or reception. We do our best to keep out of the face of the bride and groom and capture the events from a distance.







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