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wedding photography prices san antonio

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Richard and Patty do smaller wedding venues like at a home or country club. If a smaller venue is the type of wedding you’re having then we can accommodate you more than likely.


San Antonio Wedding Photography For Brides and Grooms

As a husband and wife team we can capture your wedding photography and wedding day from two different perspectives. With two wedding photographers in two different places at once you get twice the coverage and more chances of capturing expressions, smiles and precious memories. You deserve to have a happy, fun-filled day. We are proven and already know what to do, how to interact, what to photograph, how stay out of the way and not be the center of attention. See our family photography website

Photo of Bride and Bridesmaids at Wedding in San Antonio Texas

Richard was trained by master professional photographer, Robert Mathias, who recently passed away at the age of 90. Robert moved to Spring Texas back in 2005. I was taught lighting and posing by this fine gentleman. I spent hours at his studio watching and learning. I even went on grunt errands for him but stuck with it.

I was determined to learn all I could about weddings, photographing brides, posing the bride and groom, how to place the hands of the bride to make them look as feminine as possible. I went along on his weddings and observed, handed and fetched camera equipment plus other tasks. By 1995 I was a much better wedding photographer than before. I had fresh ideas and implemented them along with what Robert had taught me. Continue to senior pictures webpage

It is now 2019, deep into Winter and it seems brides are wanting more of the photojournalistic wedding photo approach to their big day. Most brides we have dealt with don’t want to be held up after the ceremony for 100s of posed images by the altar. Most are ready to get on with the wedding reception so we try to hurry in a few shots of the immediate family before leaving the church. Most brides see the images we take and don’t ever remember seeing us at the ceremony or reception. We do our best to keep out of the face of the bride and groom and capture the events from a distance.

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So, now the choice is up to you. Do you hire just anyone you come across that has a nice camera? Well, you can. Is this what you really want to do? Leave your precious wedding day moments in the hands of an unqualified photographer with little to no experience. You can do it but it’s not a wise choice. There are many camera owners willing and ready to jump in feet first and shoot away. Doing this will not give you the results you really want. Visit woman photos


In fact, you’ll more than likely be crying into your beer when you receive the images you thought would be fantastic. This happens to many brides more times than you think. They risk the bid day with a mediocre photographer that takes pictures but doesn’t necessarily specialize in the art of wedding photography. Who’s fault will it be when you don’t get what you thought? You can blame yourself for one. You chose the easy and cheap way to go.Go to men’s business photos

Please do yourself a favor and hire an experienced wedding photographer so you won’t be in tears for the rest of your life.

An Overview Of Professional Styles and Techniques in the Creative Art of Wedding Photography in San Antonio Texas

They typically flip albums and look at the pictures that depict the things that happened in their lifetimes when individuals get sentimental. These pictures are not just pieces of colored documents with photos for they can possibly activate deeply-hearted feelings. Emotions may differ from person to person depending upon the memories or memory intact to these photos seen and preserved.

One of the moments that many people would really love to maintain is the tick of occasions on their wedding day.

For this factor, people even decide to work with professional wedding venue photographers to capture the important moments of their lives. The majority of photographers that are used for wedding events have helpful assistants so that they can increase their method in creating an nice album that will not snub their nose at. What if you also want to take pictures at a friend of yours wedding?

Wedding couple kissingHere are a couple of standard techniques and styles for anybody who wishes to capture the stated event using a digital camera:

1. Be very sure that the existing background is clear of distractions and the environment is not so congested if you are desiring to take one single photo of a couple or any other subject matter
2. You may shoot them evenly with your  shoulder up if there is a nice background but it is very difficult to focus on the wedding couple.
3. If some of the guests are using glasses, they can be told to stand and tilt the heads a little downward or to the side to prevent the glaring impact that usually appears when the flash is utilized.
4. If there is a couple or a group that you wish to include in the image, you need to zoom in or from the picture.
5. You need to not shoot a couple or any wedding guest against the back light that is so that dark that images will not show up.
These special portraits can possible reveal more than the quality of the image itself. Numerous specialists do this to capture close and forever memorable moments in time.
7. You should look out at all times considering that you can seldom ask people to pose again for you.
8. Your digital camera ought to be geared up with proper SD media card or adhere to ensure that no excellent moment is missed out on.

To puts it simply, you need to have an additional smart media card especially when you desire more moments to preserve. The following recommendations need to be considered prior to purchasing a sd card:

a.for 16 mega pixels– a 16gb memory card.for 20 mega pixels– a 32gb memory card.for 24 mega pixels– 64 gigabyte memory card

9. You are not recommended to utilize low resolutions if the images will be enlarged and hung later.

Just constantly remember that the higher the resolution used, the bigger the size of prints that can be made.

10. Keep a copy of your best works so you can use and reuse the methods that made your audiences smile and appreciate your development more.

You can do this by saving albums on your computer to maximize the area in your SD smart card. You might likewise use other software application to boost the quality of the prints to be made.

When certain people are very emotional, they typically turn to their photo albums and look at the pictures that illustrate the little things that happened in their lives. These photos are just a simple piece of an image on paper with these images for they can set-off deep emotions within a person. Emotions differ dependent on the memory that could be attached to these images seen and maintained.

These wedding pictures reveal more than the quality of the image itself. The union of these things will trigger feelings and memories in the long run more so if images are caught and preserved well.

Wedding The union of these things will set off emotions and memories in the long run more so if images are caught and maintained well. They all depend on your cam and your love for this art and the couple.


What do when you lose your digital photos. How to recover them


Bride at wedding san antonio texasProfessional Photographer Event Services For Wedding Photos in San Antonio

A great deal of services and program application can easily recuperate almost all files that you have on your camera, from JPEG photos to video files. Anytime that it appears you have effectively lost your photos, you can turn to software application and professional restorative services to get your pictures back.

Even while it might seem that the camera system malfunctioned, all hope isn’t really completely lost. There are ways that you can recoup your digital photographs, though you may not be aware of it. Lots of digital video camera’s for instance, usage clever cards that will store the info. To be on the safe side, you should certainly always secure your photos to your card, and move them to your computer the first opportunity you get – then back them as much as a CD or DVD.

There are other circumstances where your pictures may not be this easy to recover. If the card in your cam has actually ended up being damaged or if your electronic camera has experienced hardware issues, then it will not be so easy to recuperate your pictures. If this is the case, you ought to constantly look to software application or expert repairmen. There is software application out there that is designed for most types of digital electronic camera issues, and it can typically recover your pictures when it comes down to breakdown.

The majority of the images we take happen when in a lifetime, which is why they are so very important. From your kid’s very first steps to photos of your family, photos are truly significant.


Digital cams are one particular thing that the majority of us own these days, as they take expert top quality images. Whenever that it shows you have lost your pictures, you can easily turn to software and professional recovery professional services to get your photos back. Your digital photos are crucial, which is why you’ll really want to take good care of them. Disasters and errors do take place though – and that is why there are recovery professional services.

If the card in your video camera has become damaged or even if your cam has experienced hardware issues, after that it will not be so simple to recuperate your photos. There is software out there that is created for most of types of digital cam problems, and it can typically recuperate your photos in the case of malfunction.

Many services and software can easily recuperate almost all files that you have on your cam, from JPEG images to video files. Most individuals move their pictures to their computer system as soon as they can, which can be recovered taking advantage of information recovery methods. On the other hand, those who do not actually, will require a professional to have a look at the video camera. Your photos can usually be recovered if you don’t squander any time and seek a professional immediately.

Occasionally, when you have your photographs on your computer system, you might move them to the recycle bin and not even understand it. If the images are there, just drag them to your desktop computer or best click them and choose bring back.


Portrait Bride and Groom Walking Down Aisle at Wedding in San AntonioPlanning A Wedding Event And Still Looking For The Perfect Professional photographer

Wedding photography is maybe the most essential photography genre field because these are the very special moments in a lifetime we want to catch. Pictures are necessary and often play a major roll in wedding photography, however there are more to the wedding and discovering the perfect photographer. Below are a number of suggestions to discovering the ideal photographer for you.

This does not make them a bad professional photographer, but it can imply they will miss out on essential wedding moments when they are reloading the movie on one camera. In today’s world a wedding event photographer should have at least one digital electronic camera at the professional grade and two film cameras. They need to also have a video camera run by another individual to catch the entire wedding.

Many professional photographers who have actually been on the circuit longer will charge in between $3000 and $10,000 for wedding event photographs. A popular wedding event professional photographer is going to cost more, simply for the name. A digital camera does not cost film, however buying one can be costly so most brand-new photographers might charge a bit more to change the cost of the devices.

Price of a wedding professional photographer doesn’t need to be any problem. The leading crucial aspect of an expert wedding event photographer lies in their photography abilities. A wedding professional photographer needs to see these minutes and capture them as well as obtain the portraits.


The conventional wedding photography will include the hands with the shinning wedding bands placed on a pillow or wrapped around the bride’s waist. The wedding event photographer should be able to pose you while recording the light and background.

When you have a crucial day such as a wedding you will desire the finest, Photography is an elaborate profession and. You might have ideas of the pictures you desire and the wedding event photograph will be thankful to help bring those ideas to fruition. Photography is all about correct lighting, catching those incredible moments, and producing memories that will surely last forever and forever.

Portraits are crucial and typically play a major roll in wedding event photography, but there are more to the wedding event and discovering the perfect professional photographer. In today’s world a wedding event photographer ought to have at least one digital cam at the expert grade and two film video cameras. The leading crucial aspect of a professional wedding professional photographer lies in their photography abilities. A wedding professional photographer needs to see these minutes and capture them as well as acquire the pictures.

The traditional wedding photography will consist of the hands with the shinning wedding event bands put on a pillow or covered around the bride-to-be’s waist.