Senior Portraits

high school senior portrait boyWhy should you take take your senior portraits in the Fall season?

Number One Reason is because it’s nice and cool as the temperatures fall to a pleasant level we can all enjoy. Taking your senior portraits in the outdoors is more pleasurable to all. Nobody likes to be hot and sweaty especially the photographer.

Number Two reason is that the majority of people in the San Antonio area do what they have to do in the Summer time and don’t go out much after that. The few select people that don’t mind the summer heat will not mind being outside for their senior portraits.

High School Senior Portraits

The best reason of all for taking high school senior portraits in the fall is because the school year has already started, kids are established with classes and routines. This is a good time to go for your portraits. Your clothes are still new and fresh. If you are in the band then you already have your band instrument and can bring it for one of your portrait poses. 

Girl senior portrait san antonioThe final and most best possible reason is so you beat all the other kids by getting them done before the of the school year. You’re able to show off your images to your friends and family. You’ll be able to hand out those wallets size pics to your best friends. So, now you have all these great reasons, what are you waiting for? Get on the phone with us to talk about scheduling your senior portraits with us.

We’ll be able to give you tips and suggestions on the type of clothing that is best plus the right time of day if you like taking outdoor pictures. All details of the session are crucial to a wonderful outcome.

Blog post written by Richard Rives of Richard’s Photography in San Antonio Texas.

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