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Headshot Photographers San Antonio Texas

Our professional photography studio offers group portraits for companies and corporations in 2019. Portrait services group photography business and companies plus commercial event photographer On Site or on location social media headshots in the San Antonio surrounding areas.

Our regular in-house photography service includes a standard background in a studio area. People that come to our portrait studio have the ability to change clothing here in privacy. Depending our your type of need or requirements we can coach on what clothing looks good for various business niches.

Different professional photographers niches usually means a different look and feel for each audience. It’s best to get recommendations from Richard’s Photography before the day of your scheduled photo session. Knowing what to wear in advance is a wise idea for a successful portrait session. If you need to contact us ahead of time to talk about your upcoming portrait session with us please do.

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Professional Headshot Photographers Near Me


We provide affordable, low cost professional group corporate headshots San Antonio Texas for a an entire staff of an office. Whether it’s a small office or large corporation or corporate events. This service takes us on location at times to set-up our lighting and background for portraits in San Antonio.

We are the San Antonio headshot photographers choice for your function. Location for commercial event photography usually includes companies and their staff of employees, partners and possibly guests they invite to join their conference or meetings. We are available for business lifestyle Holiday Parties, Christmas Party Events for Local business communities. Contact us for more information about . See how to look skinny in headshots and be pleased with your photos.



Business Portraits San Antonio Texas For Business to Business Meetings

Professional headshot photography or business portraits are commonly taken by business people. Professional portraits near me can be taken in a studio or on site at the office location of local companies. Pictures are used for company marketing and for online usage. We are available for on site portraits or individuals may come to our portrait studio. We do audition type of photographs along with auditions for actors, performers and singers. See makeup for photos and makeup ideas for your photo day.

Corporate Event Photographers for San Antonio Business People and Employees

Our commercial photography services take us to downtown to meeting rooms and hotel ballroom locations. Some are along the river walk areas. Corporate event photographers San Antonio anywhere downtown San Antonio is a good place to have a corporate meeting or function.

As a photographer company we can set up a background with the color of your choice. Studio lighting is used if you are wanting corporate photography before, during and after your meeting times. Most often the time is split up throughout the day so various groups of people coming out of meetings can come over to us for their photographs.

If you are the event coordinator or planner for your company or business please contact us with your information. We can can put some quotes together for you depending on what you need or require.

Our Professional Portraits For People San Antonio Texas

    1. Photographer corporate events functions and often we are downtown San Antonio for company banquets, large conferences and staff meetings.
    2. Business Events Photography at Hotels in the downtown San Antonio area.
    3. Best places for meetings downtown Westin River walk great meeting place, Grand Hyatt Hotel has the best meeting and event rooms
    4. UTHSCSA Medical residency photos for applications to get into medical school. Affordable photos for medical students. Women’s branding photos, Men’s personal brand photos. Get your own style to for your personality and image. Get your personal brand portrait from a photography professional with experience. Personal branding headshots tell people who you really are.
    5. Social media photos for that Linkedin profile website page.
    6. Social media pictures for Facebook and other social websites.
  1. Taking photos based on people if they have zero idea that you’re doing it is called candid photography. One of the beauties of photography is being generally able to catch somebody in the act. It incorporates life to your images.Candid, It was actually called that because its hidden cameras apparently showed a candid scene of reality. In photography, candid has become a noun meaning “an unposed photo.” The word comes from Latin candidus, indicating “white,” which was afterwards extended to mean “pure.”.


What you should look for in a photographer:

1: Actual knowledge of camera settings

2: Ability to determine proper camera angles

3: Being able to determine proper posing for each person

4: Actual real life experience working with a customer

5: Samples of photography work with paying customers (not friends and family).

6: Real person reviews from satisfied previous customers

Actor Headshot Portfolios and Auditions Photos San Antonio

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Acting – Audition Tips and Suggestions For Success

If you’re a San Antonio actor, model or someone wanting to audition for an acting role. We have a photography service for you that will provide the best actor headshots. You can submit your audition headshots to the marketing agency of your choice. Also referred to as audition headshots or audition resume portfolio images.

Boudoir Photography San Antonio TX

Ladies boudoir headshot photography from the waist up is available. No need for being nude if you’re not comfortable. We can still create a plus size boudoir sexy photo for you to give to a loved one. Wear your best sexy outfit or lingerie piece. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable. Call us to talk about a boudoir photography photo shoot session. Our photoshoots for ladies and women are enjoyable for our clients. Call Patty and tell her you’re looking for a boudoir photographer who will that you like a queen with a lot of respect.



 Linkedin Portrait Photographers San Antonio Texas

Your personal brand shows exactly who you are. The style of photo, the style of clothing you wear, this all portrays the type of person you are. This is why it’s so important to talk with your Linkedin photographer and discuss the type of photo you expect or desire. We are open to your suggestions. 

There are many places that take professional Linkedin portraits and head shots in San Antonio. The place you should go to is Richard’s Photography. Delivery of professional women’s headshots is same day delivery and the same for men’s head shot sessions.

Retouching is often done within 2 – 3 hours of deciding on the image or images you choose. Get the best rates, lowest price and lowest cost.

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Photo Retouching Services

Your photos are retouched by hand by Richard. Your photo retouches are not farmed out to a service. I take pride in our work and I insist on doing the retouching myself. From removing blemishes, thinning lines under the eyes, removing bags from under the eyes. There is a limit to what I will do. Too much retouching can make you look fake and plastic.

I will give you my professional opinion if your request is out if the ordinary. Photo Retouching is applied to the facial and head area. This does not mean removing objects from the background or cutting you out of the photo, removing and replacing backgrounds. That is intensive retouching and labor intensive. We can give you a quote on removing objects.

  1. Remove Sagging Bags From Under The Eyes
  2. Remove Stray Hairs From Around The Top and Side of The Head Area
  3. Reduce Shiny Spots on The Cheeks and Forehead
  4. Thin or Narrow The Jaw Line if Possible
  5. For Ladies We Can Add Blush to The Cheeks



Medical Residency Application Headshots Photographer San Antonio

Medical resident students portraits at dental schools UTHSC University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio application pictures and other medical training schools in San Antonio. We do portraits for dental students, medical students, nursing degrees, nurses, doctors, sports, sports medicine athletics and athletes.


On Site Portrait Photography Sessions

  • Yes, we go on location. We are mobile as well. We can pack up our studio lighting and light stands to do an on location portrait for individuals, corporate employees, convention attendees.
  • We can go to your home for a professional photo session. Your home is comfortable and familiar to you. If you have pets your home is the best place. It’s good if you can include your pet dog or dogs into your professional business photo. They are a major part of the family and are cherished loved ones.
  • We can set-up and meet at a local park. There’s one that we often go to that’s located just a few miles from our portrait studio.
  • Or, if you have an interesting location that would make great photos, we’ll meet you there! So many places in the city but the Texas hill country holds many areas for doing a nice professional business photo session.
  • For business or corporations we go to the offices of real estate agents and doctors office clinics. We do either indoor or both indoor and out sessions.


Senior Portraits San Antonio Area Community

Get your professional senior portraits done early this school year. Some high schoolers wait until the last minute towards the end of the school year to take their graduation portraits. Get those senior pictures taken early and receive something special in your senior package.

Available for family portrait photography in the San Antonio area. We go on site to various locations around the area.  Smaller family groups are more common  for our business than large families. Large families with many young children are sometimes harder to put together. Whether you have a small family or large family we can help you get those pictures for your needs.


Suggested Landscape Photography Camera Settings
  • Exposure mode: Aperture Priority or a Manual Setting
  • Drive mode: Single shot is preferable.
  • Aperture: f/8.
  • ISO: 100 – 125.
  • Shutter speed: Determined by the camera model.
  • White balance: Varies on each scene.
  • Focus mode: Manual preferable but autofocus will also work well.

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