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We provide professional images for a single person or an entire staff of an office. Whether it’s a small office or large corporation. This service takes us on location at times to set-up our lighting and background.  This is what the best headshot photographer does for his clientele.

  1. Photograph corporate functions and often we are downtown San Antonio for company banquets, large conferences and staff meetings.
  2. Get your personal brand portrait from a photography professional with experience. Personal branding images tell people who you really are.
  3. Photo retouching and skin smoothing. We remove scars and blemishes, whiten teeth, remove stray hairs.
  4. Photos for Military and retired military. Most ex-military are moving onto a different job or career change and need a new profile shot

Personal Brand Headshots Near Me

Your personal brand shows exactly who you are. The style of photo, the style of clothing you wear, this all portrays the type of person you are. This is why it’s so important to talk with your photographer and discuss the type of photo you expect or desire. We are open to your suggestions.  There are many places that take portraits and head shots in San Antonio. The place you should go to is Richard’s Photography.

Corporate Event Photography for Business People and Employees

Our services take us to downtown to meeting rooms and hotel ballroom locations. Some are along the river walk areas. Anywhere downtown San Antonio is a good place to have a corporate meeting or function. As a photographer company we can set up a background with the color of your choice. Studio lighting is used if you are wanting corporate headshot photography before, during and after your meeting times. Most often the time is split up throughout the day so various groups of people coming out of meetings can come over to us for their photographs. If you are the event coordinator or planner for your company or business please contact us with your information. We can can put some quotes together for you depending on what you need or require.

The delivery of your images is very prompt and efficient. When arrive back at our studio your images are worked on immediately if no other appointments are scheduled in the time frame. The majority of events that we cover get their photographs delivered electronically with 48 hours, more or less. We color correct your pictures so no need to worry about not getting quality photos. The images are sent to you in full resolution. They are delivered in jpeg format. This way you can make enlargements if you ever have the need to. If you just need your pics scaled down to web size then your web person or in-house web person can easily size down to the correct format and dimensions needed.


These 5 things will make your headshot photo session a huge success

  • Lighting, proper lighting is one of the key ingredients to a great photograph.
  • Angle, the angle of your face, eyes, nose and the rest of your features are keys to whether or not you’re pleased.
  • Contrast, adjusting the contrast in your pictures will give you a rich color pop. Contrast makes the entire photo rich and colorful.
  • Photo retouching of your images are pretty blah and not so desirable without a little touch-up or retouching.
  • Makeup for women. You shouldn’t need to do over-do it. If you need a quick make-up fix and don’t want to spend money then stop by a local department store. Be sure to take your powder with you to the studio so you can freshen up.


Reasons Not to Dread Calling a Professional Photographer

We understand where you’re coming from. We have dealt with both kids of customers. The ones who are dressed and ready to come on over. The person who thinks they are unattractive,  over-weight, don’t photograph well and have never actually been to a professional. Many people have told us that on the phone. With our experience in this business we can tell you what to expect when you come to us.  We love working with people. You will feel at ease and comfortable when you’re here at our studio. You may have had a bad experience with another studio. We understand. People have told us before. This won’t happen to you with us.


What kind of quality do you want in your photographs?

  1. We offer more colorful portraits along with superior quality than any other in the city of San Antonio and other places in South Texas.
  2. Our knowledge of the camera and how it processes the images allows us to create the very best photos for you.
  3. Knowing how to manipulate and correct colors using our computer graphics sets us apart from the others. Most amateurs just drop the smart media card into the slot at the local drug store kiosk and hope for the best. You get what you get when you use those places. We use the top of the line photo labs for making prints.


How Does a Family Portrait Impact Your Life

  • The family photo is on every wall of grandparent, Aunt and Uncle. Your immediate families cherish the photos of young children and kids.
  • Mom loves every photo the photographer takes of their baby, child or young children.  Any photo is hard to leave behind at the portrait studio.
  • Wanting to find who takes better family portraits than anyone else. We work well with families.  Visit our Family Photo Website

Family Photography

Your family photography session can be very enjoyable. If you team up with all of your family members and color coordinate the type of clothes you’ll be wearing, wow! this has the potential of a really nice event for all family involved. Of course we just make suggestions for clothing. You are welcome to wear anything you want as as long as you’re happy with it.


Where do we go on location for professional photo sessions?

  • Yes, we go on location. We are mobile as well. We can pack up our studio lighting and light stands to do an on location portrait for individuals, seniors or families.
  • We can go to your home for a family photo session. Your home is comfortable and familiar to you. If you have pets your home is the best place. It’s good if you can include your pet dog or dogs into your family photo. They are a major part of the family and are cherished loved ones.
  • We can set-up and meet at a local park. There’s one that we often go to that’s located just a few miles from our portrait studio.
  • Or, if you have an interesting location that would make great photos, we’ll meet you there! So many places in the city but the Texas hill country holds many areas for doing a nice family session or for an engagement couple.
  • There are many interesting areas to do portraits around San Antonio. Some places require a fee and others you take your chances. There are a few spots that you can still walk in and do your thing. If the photographer is courteous and respects the area then there should not be a problem with getting kicked out.
  • For business or corporations we go to the offices of real estate agents and doctors office clinics. We do either indoor or both indoor and out sessions.
Why We Love Photography and Taking Portraits of People in San Antonio
  • We truly love our business and what we do for people. The idea of constantly learning new and improved techniques is very exciting.
  • There’s so much more to learn. Even after we are all long and gone there will always be new ways to improve on photography.
  • Just the thought of how many megapixels cameras will be in the future is mind boggling. Actually having 20mp is plenty of what shooting area for the type of photographs we do for people.
  • Cosplay costume portrait photography is available.

Senior Pictures: Who takes them and why?

Kids in their last year of high school celebrate by taking their senior pictures with a local photographer. They get all dressed up and bring their cars to pose with for their outdoor portraits. Mom usually comes with their graduates to watch and make sure they get enough smiles. Most boys like to wear a suit and tie for at least one formal portrait. Girls like a number of things including dresses, hats, colorful blouses and hats. Call us for your senior portraits today. Our portrait studio location has a wildflower or wild flower garden which blooms several thousand blooming flowers in the spring and early June. For those that just want an outdoor senior photography session it’s best to make your appointment session in March, April and May. Don’t worry if you’re seeing this late in the season. We can still have your portrait order ready for you in about 3 – 4 business days. If you’re ready to take your 2018 senior pictures now then we can do some of your images in the studio then we can take you outside and still make it interesting even if there are no spring flowers or bluebonnets yet. We can create a cinematic photography session for you. You don’t even know where you are by looking at the photo. We use a special lighting technique that our customers love.

Funeral Photographers – Photography for Funerals in San Antonio

Funeral photography, this is sadly a much needed service for some people. There are certain families that want to record or capture every last moment of their loved one. Even if this means seeing them for the last time a memorial or funeral service. We have experience with funerals. There are several funeral cemetery locations throughout San Antonio. Mission, Sunset are just a few. Military funerals are common at Fort Sam Houston cemetery. Sadly there are many funeral services happening everyday at Fort Sam. We do our best to non-obtrusive when photographing your event. There’s nothing like someone in your face with a camera on a day like this.  On this day you need someone who will be there to capture certain moments like the pastor or minister giving his farewell speech to the family and guests. We know exactly what to do at these type of photo events.

In addition we have a video person or videographer who is very good with working people at funerals. His approach is the same as ours. He will not be in your face with his video camera. We love to work with him. He will put together and very nice video presentation with soft music. His turnaround time for deliver is about the same as ours. No more 3 days or so and you should have your funeral event delivered to you.

Call us for more information. We’ll be there for you. We are sensitive to your feelings and what you are going through. Call Richard and Patty to talk about your funeral service needs. You will not be pressured into anything. It’s just a conversation.  210-541-2985.

Whatever your needs are feel to contact either me or Patty at our portrait studio. We will be more than happy to talk to you. We believe we can help almost anyone with their photography needs.


The Early Days When I Would Answer The Phone

As a photographer my most significant mistake was answering our business phone myself. If I thought customers were being cheap I would let them know. The phone call usually ended up on the ugly side. Then the review sites started appearing and people were posting every single experience of their life with every business they had dealings with. I got 2 negative reviews and that was it for me.

I got my spouse to give up her job and come work at our portrait studio full time with me. Her jobs always consisted of answering the phone. So, she started answering the business phone for us. People would call inquiring about portraits and prices. In some way her heavenly voice would bring people in. Even though not everyone is going to be your customer she managed to bring in wonderful clients.

Our reviews started rising there on the desirable side. The moral of the story is: if you really don’t provide phone skills, then hire someone who does. You will drop flat without that. Since then I have learned some phone skills to go along with my photo skills.






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