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Professional Headshots Photography and Portraits by Richard Rives San Antonio Texas

Girl smiling for camera for her medical application photo. Headshot taken at in San Antonio at Richard’s Photography

The Type of photos we Take the Most:

Business, Corporations and Individuals

  1. Professional Actor Headshots
  2. Portraits for Kids and Children
  3. Personal Brand Headshots
  4. Portraiture for Family and High School Senior Portraits

If you are looking for photographers near me or near your location you can find us on Google maps.

College Graduation Headshots San Antonio

North West Vista, Texas A&M San Antonio, University of the Incarnate Word, UTSA, University of Texas at San Antonio Our Lady of The Lake, UTHSC and St. Mary’s University.

College graduation photos is one the services we provide. We have the cap and gown but you are welcome to bring your own. We have special rates for college seniors. Contact us for more information about a photo session. Our studio also does many senior portraits for local high schools. We provide the cap and gown for those of you still wanting traditional photography. Most senior pictures are taken in the outdoors in casual or plain clothing.

Reasons why you should hire a professional photographer near  me

  1. A professional has done his time, learned from the best and continues to educate himself.  Not everybody knows everything! There’s still room to learn more.
  2. A professional knows lighting, posing, angles and is 100% confident with their skills as a photographer.
  3. A pro doesn’t need to take 200 images to get 1 good one. Our customers have a hard time choosing from the 25 – 30 shots we take. There is no guess work into what a pro knows and does. It is part mathematical and part experience getting images right every time. Keep in mind that every shot is on the mark but doesn’t necessarily mean that customer will like the expressions on every single images taken.
  4. The amateur doesn’t know all that he/she needs to know to satisfy the customer.  They are too busy at their full time job to fully grasp the art. Taking snapshots is their part time hobby on the side and on weekends. I’m sure if they were to concentrate or focus on their craft they would actually get good at what they do.
  5. Asking your friend with a nice cell phone or nice camera won’t do the job unless you’re willing to settle for mediocrity. You don’t take your car to your friend, you take it to a mechanic, right?  When you’re sick you don’t ask your friend for medical advice, do you?  Read More about PRO headshots

How Does a Family Portrait Impact Your Life

  • The family photo is on every wall of grandparent, Aunt and Uncle. Your immediate families cherish the photos of young children and kids.
  • Mom loves every photo the photographer takes of their baby, child or young children.  Any photo is hard to leave behind at the portrait studio.
  • Wanting to find who takes better family portraits than anyone else. We work well with families.  Visit our Family Photo Website

Do we go on location for professional photo sessions?

  1. Yes, we go on location. We are mobile as well. We can pack up our studio lighting and light stands to do an on location portrait for individuals, seniors or families.
  2. We can go to your home for a family photo session. Your home is comfortable and familiar to you. If you have pets your home is the best place. It’s good if you can include your pet dog or dogs into your family photo. They are a major part of the family and are cherished loved ones.
  3. We can set-up and meet at a local park. There’s one that we often go to that’s located just a few miles from our portrait studio.
  4. Or, if you have an interesting location that would make great photos, we’ll meet you there! So many places in the city but the Texas hill country holds many areas for doing a nice family session or for an engagement couple.
  5. There are many interesting areas to do portraits around San Antonio. Some places require a fee and others you take your chances. There are a few spots that you can still walk in and do your thing. If the photographer is courteous and respects the area then there should not be a problem with getting kicked out.