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Men’s Head Shots San Antonio Tips and Ideas


For men needing expert headshots for work or business. We’ve got you covered. Sometimes same day headshots are possible if our schedule happens to be light for the day. Well experienced men’s headshot photographer for the San Antonio area. Most men needing business portraits are usually in need of marketing and business cards for their business. Our photography work and posing abilities will surely help you get on your way. Occasionally some our male clients are interested in getting modeling photos and actor headshots as part of their session.

  1. The Need For the Face to Show a Strong Personality
    2. Highlight the Jawline to Highlight Manliness
    3. A solid jawline is a dimension of regarded masculinity. Your task as a photographer is to make certain the jawline is well defined and as angular and sharp as possible.

4. Ask the based on push their chin out and a little down. This will certainly give the neck a mild stretch. Meanwhile, part of the neck is concealing from the electronic camera.

5. You can better improve the jawline by clever use of darkness. Ensure that the jawline does not mix right into the neck.

As well as never ever, and also I indicate NEVER EVER, let your subject pull his chin back. This will certainly not just emphasize any kind of existing dual chin but likewise produce one where there had not been any kind of actually. Check out the brand photo of our website here.

Best Advice For Taking Men’s Portraiture

Make Him Do The ‘Squinch’ to Flatter the Look of The Eyes

Big round sad boy eyes do not come out great on men. They show fear and some bit of confusion. Ask your male subject to perform what Peter Hurley calls a “squinch”.

It is a half squint of the eyes, where the lower eye-lids raise up a bit to create a narrowing the eyes. This way the upper eye lids don’t ever move a bit or at all sometimes.

This will cause your male subject to look like as if “he is kind of up to something”. This is like adding a bit of mischievousness personality, playfulness, and strong character to the entire image.

Look through a few photos in which a male model is posing. Their eyes for sure are giving that squinching, looking making them look more attractive. This method works even much better when you’re taking male portraits.


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