What Rembrandt Lighting is As Well As How We Use It In Our Photography

Below are samples of Rembrandt LightingNotice the upside down triangle on the shadow side of the face. This gives your portrait more depth and feeling.

Rembrandt lighting also known as cross lighting is just one of my preferred studio portrait lighting patterns. It develops a wonderful significant, moody feeling and also it’s relatively uncomplicated to configuration. You do not need a lots of fancy studio lights to carry out Rembrandt lighting on your portraits or headshots. You can utilize a normal bounce card or reflector lamp if you don’t have a Speedlight or strobe. It’s also feasible to make use of home window light if you’re up to a slightly bigger lights difficulty.


Rembrandt lighting is actually a studio portrait-lighting technique where a small triangle of light is seen under the subject’s eye. It creates a beautiful, creative and compelling portraits with certain photo equipment. Just one single light source from either direction and bounce reflector will surely do the job.

Now Don’t These Images Look Amazing With The Rembrandt Cross Lighting!

Some people have referred to this lighting as a “Shadow” and think you have not properly lit them. Of course we can always stick to what some people insist on which is called Flat Lighting.


Flat Light Portrait Samples: Notice How All Photos Have equal amounts of lighting.



The Choice is totally yours. If you can see the difference between both styles of lighting then let us know which you prefer. Be sure to take time to study both techniques of lighting.


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